From Tue Oct 21 19:07:28 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: the tarot of the subgenius - major arcana twenny - the stark fist of retrieval

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:28 GMT


Trump XX

The Stark Fist of Retrieval

Originally called the Xist; or X-Day in many esoterrorist texts of the

mid 17th century, and especially amoung the dusty corridors of the

heretical Dobbsian monks of Malay. Preserved in the subsubantibasement

of the SubGenius Foundation in Dallas, TX, under protective coverings

and dusted with the eyes of the bobbie-zombies daily, lay a 14"x38"

parchment depicting this card from the Dobbsian heresies. Around the

top of this card is the body of "Bob", the slack-avatar, who is the

category of unlimited stoopidity; his mate is Connie, the ubiquitous

Mistress of Ooz-QuiRt, the only philoslothically teneable conception

of Yeti Lust. He is represented by a Pipe and a Grin., representing

eternal advertant bulldada; be-tentacled, to show his power of

Un-Going. As a result of the marriage of these two, the child Horror

is born. Many apopalyptic scrolls were found amoung the runes of the

old Temple of the Some, Malaysia which contained veiled references to

the hidden truths buried deep within this card. Certain unconcious

'triggers' were deftly painted into the figures of the immolted masses

that make up the bulk of this cards imagery. For example, reading left

to right starting from the position of the rogue yeti with blasts of

HATE springing from his fingertips, eyes, and nipples to the location

slightly to the north of the blazing wreck of a space vehicle <?> and

a small donkey, within the pattern of the steaming entrails can be

seen the following enigmatic phrase, which has stimied even the most

ardent philosospurs into the mysteries of the SubGenius Tarot:


Progcastinatcational Auspices:

The furutre's uncertain. Don't forget to pack EXTRA BULLETS when

taking a trip anywhere. Void of Slack. When this card was touched

haphazardly in 1995 by a chemically altered Emergetile Scribe, mass

murders of Gehena-like proportions occured within Africa. Many times,

refugees fleeing these massacres told of a "Nice, respectable looking

gentleman carrying a pipe and an automatic" causing great ammounts of

consternation for UN officials later trying to track down this

reprehensible charachter called in the new folklore "J.R.".

New monies will present themselves to your coffers. Be sure to

remember your tithings. Mass racial destruction and spooky powers of



open the doors to the bomb shelter, bring plenty of frappy and yeti

mates to ride out the Frapture. <the frapture.......hmmmmmmm.....:)>

don't bother trying to even co-mingle with society for awhile. Your

natural HATE genes will be working overtime.'s only

wrong if you get caught,


st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy