From Tue Oct 21 19:07:34 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: the tarot of the subgenius minor arcana - 7(77) of dobbsheads

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:34 GMT


777 of Dobbsheads


The holy number: 777, Gematriaticly known as the number of hermes,

messenger and prime Yeti of the Olympian cults plus the number of

"Bob", minus the number of Kali which before hand is added to the

Gematric equivalent of slack, which unto is added the rote fo Xi and

the value of the HIDDEN GREEK CONSONANT: digamma.


This only goes to PROVE the engendered mystickal oogily-boogily scarey

stuff that only serves to confuse the Asouls of this Pain Dimension.

<note: the above formula does work....drugs and numbers are an EVIL



This number is also too powerful to show up in any reading except that

of an overman 33rd degree as the UNDILUTED SLACK and sexhurt bobyons

that constants surrount each and every card thus represented not only

folds space into origami penguins AND THEN CRUMPLES THE FUCK OUT OF

IT, it not only distorts the paradigm's of the wisest men into

SLAVERInG MASSES OF YETILUST, *YEA!* not only does it mysteriously

solve all Rubik's Cubes within a seven and four fifths of a mile

SIMULTANEOUSLY when it is produced in a reading, it also represents

the Blight. For as an uncontrolled freight train loaded with ricin,

fertilizer and gasoline and bullets with no breaks towards the FIVE

DEEP line of schoolbusses full of pretty little children in three

piece suits with no SOULS will create a FUCKING BEAUTIFUL MESS, here

too, with this card we find our selves inadvertantly wrecking

everything we do, and MAKING it BETTER. This card presages periods of

absolute idioticy upon the part of the Yeti, but MAKING A QUICK BUCK

JUST FOR FUCKING UP. leave the world in shambles behind you, leave the

battlefields of shopping malls and weekend softball tournaments

littered with the corpses of your PLAYMATES. Even in the symbolism

inherent within this card, feilds of ruin and decay, buildings,

churches and skyscrapers in the background FUBAR.


Common forecastings:

Lose your wallet, keys locked in the car, slamming the door of the

bathroom on your fingers, forgetting you have shoulders and smashing

into door jambs. Don't get out of bed. HIDE. SLACK OFF and forget

about even THINKING for awhile should this card shew its head to your

readings and medio-temptations. You're bound to have a brilliantly

fucking terrible day. BUT! You'll be feeling regular and long periods

of habafropizulops enhanced excremeditation and a firken of cheap rye.


That should be the height of your ideals this day.


Reversed: As a contradiction, herein the querent will still live

through much if not EVEN MORE PAINFUL scenarios as mentioned above, he

will profit from them immensely. The third horse in the fifth race

looks like a winner. Don't wear red.



st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy