From Tue Oct 21 19:07:13 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: tarot of the subgenius - minor arcana - the ace of dobbsheads

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:13 GMT


the ace of dobbsheads

this card represents the inception of Slack in it's inception. it is a

multi-phallic outburst of slack from which strikes out crehativity

from every direction. these pure white flames of hate are Y'hods,

arranged in the form of the shi'iish qababble-a. it is the primordial

Ungh! of the Salesman manifesting along the Fuck Plane, at so early a

stage that it is not as yet manifesting as Urhges..

Important: although these small cards are sympathetic to their

SephErotic origin, they aren't identical, nor are they the Devine

Seckrits of the trump cards. These, <and the Court Cards also> are

primarily sub-elements, parts of the "Blind-Adherences" under the

DemiHalfWitszz, Tetragrammabob. Their rulers are the Untelligences, in

the Yetizeratic world, who go to form the Schlorphamphoararsh.


The Ace of Dobbsheads, as do the other Dobbsheads, shows an

undeveloped Sinse of Slack within the querant. In this case, it is a

matter of discovering an oppurtunity within us or in our present

situation that will lead to an influx of Slack, both invisibly

manifesting through the luck plane and tangibly through the art of the

Forbidded Doktines and Sciences.


Along with the Ace of Saucers, this is the greatest Lucky card in the

minor arcana.


Divinitory meanings:

perfect slack, felicity, yeti love and ecstasy. quick witted spars

with pinks.


Reversed: the evil side of slack, stupidity expressed around

merehumes. In any case it shows prosperity in Slack, comfortable

material conditions.


When the ace of Dobbsheads appears in a reading it always portends a

fresh supply of slack, but be it false slack or pure unadulterated

slack, this depends on whether the card is reversed and if the querent

can AFFORD to pay money for mystickal runes to ward off the false

slack or not. If s/h/it can afford so, then dire warnings are in order

to fleece their wallet. If they are truly poor yeti, you should be

tossing some of your EXTRA slack towards them JUST BECAUSE.


st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy