Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Slacker Handbook

From: (Jetrock)

Date: 11 Nov 1997 06:32:35 GMT

SlackerPub ( gibbered unto the multitudes thusly:


: My goal in life, and I'll work hard at it, is to find an easy way to make a lot

: of money.


WHAT? Let me get this straight! You're going to WORK HARD to find an

EASY WAY to make a lot of money? That makes NO SENSE. Either you're

going to WORK HARD to mak money or you'll find an EASY WAY to make money,

but you CAN'T DO BOTH AT ONCE! Only the CONSPIRACY's indoctrination makes

you think that you must WORK HARD in order to RELAX!


It is the secret of ETERNAL SLACK that allows the SubGenius to FALL INTO

MONEY for no apparent reason, to be able to BLOW OFF hard work and

responsibility and get paid for it, that allow proper channeling of the

SALES MAGICK taught to the disciples of "Bob", to become a Fisher of

Wallets, and allows the SubGenius UNTOLD RICHES through GOOFING OFF.

You'll run yourself RAGGED looking for an answer which was RIGHT IN FRONT

OF YOU until you took the WRONG DIRECTION!


No 'hard worker' ever found an EASY way to do ANYTHING! They'd rather do

it the HARD, STUPID WAY. The LAZY MAN figures out a way to do more work

in less time--so he can spend his time in VALUABLE GOOFING OFF.



-----Rev. JETROCK, cyber-messianic noiseman and ANGRY MONKEY

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