Subject: Rogue SubG - General Butt Naked of Liberia

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 03:01:03 GMT

From: (Sven Serrano)

Organization: Setsunan University

Newsgroups: alt.slack


Alt.slackers may remember a passing mention of the General and his

famed naked battalion last year. Their exploits during the Liberian

Civil War were legend. Now it seems the General has gone into the

religion business in Monrovia. We should send postal greetings care

of his mission and invite him to the X-day celebration. The following

was newswire transmission from August 4, 1997, which was reprinted in

the UK's Private Eye magazine.


"I was just an ordinary man, but I was also very spiritual. I was

deep into the occult" General Butt Naked told reporteds in his

Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry in Monrovia. "Thanks to God, I am

no longer a slave to Satan, but when I think of how I used to make

human sacrifices before going into battle, yes I feel very bad, so, so



"General Butt Naked, who now uses his birth name of Joshua Milton

Blahyi, was recalling his role as leader of the Butt Naked Battalion

during Liberia's civil war, in which a quarter of a million people

died. "At the age of eleven, I had a telephone call from the Devil,

who demanded nudity on the battlefield, acts of indecency, and regular

human sacrifices to ensure my protection. So, before leading my

troops into battle, we would get drunk and drugged up, and then I

would go in search of a teenager. Usually I would enter the water

where teenagers were playing, dive under the surface, grab one, carry

him off under my arm, and then break his neck. Sometimes I'd cause

accidents. Sometimes I'd just slaughter the first person I saw.


"After drinking their blood, we would all strip down to our shoes, and

then waltz into battle wearing colorful wigs and carrying dainty

purses we'd looted from civilians. We would slaughter anyone we say

and sometimes we'd cut off their heads and use them for soccer

practice. We were nude, fearless, drunk, and homicidal. We killed

hundreds of people, so many I lost count. But in June of last year,

God telephoned me that I was not the hero I considered myself to be,

so I stopped and became a preacher. Please help me to atone for my

past by buying a cassette of my sermons. $20, all major credit cards



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