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jmbay@leland.Stanford.EDU (Joseph Michael Bay) says:

>Judaism is truly monotheistic rather than a tri-but-really-mono-theistic religion

>(often accompanied by a cult of saints who used to be gods and demons in their

>respective pantheons). Pops, J.C. and Smokey were a later addition.


Well, this is because, since Christians are created in their God's image,

they all actually have +three+ souls, not one. Reincarnation happens, but

involves shuffling. The saints are simply ordinary people who have been

excited into a higher-religious-energy state, often by direct divine

perspiration... which also explains their notoriously shorter lifetimes.

[And there are a certain number of antisouls floating around out there;

they can also combine in threesomes, to create for example Hitl^H^H^H^HStalin,

or can combine with a soul to create one of those grey unrememberable people

that the world is so full of. Plus there's more exotic combinations

available which give you things like leprechauns and dragons. And angels

just have souls with different quantum numbers and no free will, so they

can't decay into ordinary folks, the way God decayed at the beginning of


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