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Subject: Re: Mathematical/Aerospace Question

From: Bop.Bleeeerch.HOOOOARGH.Excuse me (RevLurch)

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:47:10 GMT


>Sketchy Albedo <> wrote:

>How hard would it be to launch a human head into permanent orbit around

>the earth? I've been talking to the satellite guys at work and there seems

>to be quite a wide range of orbital choices. Low Earth Orbits can be as

>low as 200 miles, but the geosynchronous orbits are way, way out there,

>like 22,000 miles or so. It seems like with such a low payload you just

>might be able to do it unmanned without a lot of trouble. I'm still

>undecided as to which is more asthetically proper, having the thing

>transit over you a couple times a day or having it just *hang* out there.





might be able to get it into low earth-orbit with a home-built

solid-fuel (aluminum powder) booster you could construct for three

or four mil or thereabouts. As I understand it, you just have to

get it up to escape velocity (18,000 miles per hour or so) then cut

the power and jettison the head when the ship is at the proper angle

and altitude. But if all that sounds infeasable, maybe you could take

a couple of cases of good Vodka and cartons of smokes to Russia and

bribe a guy heading up to the Mir station. He could hide the head in

his lunchbox (Rooskies is big eaters) and pitch it out when he gets up

there. If he gives it a good hard throw it should travel far enough

from the station so it won't be staring at the occupants, and

establish itself in low earth orbit, along with the piss bags and

empty toothpaste tubes and other assorted space debris. But it's orbit

might eventually decay and you'd have a hot head heading back to

Earth. Or a small meaty-or.

Whose head was you thinkin' of sending up?





Easier to ask whose head I'm not thinkin' of sending up.





Newsgroups: alt.slack,sci.astro.amateur

Subject: Re: Mathematical/Aerospace Question

From: (RiM)

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:31:36 GMT

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997 23:27:42 GMT,


(RevLurch) wrote:

> (Doktor D) wrote:

>>On Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:45:02 GMT, Bop.Bleeeerch.HOOOOARGH.Excuse me

>>(RevLurch) wrote:

>>>Whose head was you thinkin' of sending up?

>>Well, gee, I just assumed this was Arnold Palmer we were taling about


>Yeah, I thought about that. But I didn't know if his tailpipe cancer

>had forced a substitution.


just john denver, since you shits didnt bother to read anything about

it, allow me clue you in,

i want head fins, something like Flash,

somebody wants the head boiled in acid

somebody else wants to shoot it out of a rocket-thingy.

there are more, but i have no time, too much planning

things to do ect. ect.

so far its a go for launch - dont know when, since Pope Angus

kindly pointed out that jd already lauched his OWN fucking

head - a forward thinking man.

now try to keep up will ya.