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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 21:15:44 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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!!! (TarlaStar) wrote:

: Man, every time I use the arc-welder I feel like I'm growing a new

: dick! I suppose that will be useful on the Saucers. I like the arc

: welder except when the welding wands stick; it's sorta like soldering

: with electricity. Soon I'll be learning MIG and TIG welding.


Some guy told me I should tell you that I just got a hot glue gun. But

I feel STOOPID mentioning it here.


It's hard to feel macho about something that's less a power tool than

an oozing curling iron, but BY DOBBS I'm gonna GLUE STUFF like I've

NEVER GLUED STUFF BEFORE! I'm gonna GLUE THINGS together and mail them

at random. I may even mail them at Rev. Random, come to think of it.

I'm gonna glue up some Cheerio Castles that will look deceptively

EDIBLE! Don't eat anything you get from me unless you wanna bind yer

bowels permanently!

This isn't working. I still don't feel a dick coming on.


Viral Sig Alert Viral Sig Alert Viral Sig Alert

Do mood voodoo, dude.

- Crosby, Stills and Nashbrowns


Bringing Up Baby

by Megaliz

There are a few guidelines for the mutant breeder, although none

of them apply to every case and even fewer deserve real consideration.

NONETHELESS, they will be outlined here for purposes of further confusion.


1. Pregnancy is not for Pussies (or What to Eject When

You're Expecting a Yeti)

If the childbearing partner has any optional organs that she is

especially proud of, donate them FIRST. The vigor of the mutant

fetus will surely smash your spleen to smithereens.


The li'l parasites are also renowned for hoaxes and midnight

poker-amas, so it's best to disable the alarm system and ignore

all signs of labor until the screaming phase

commences. (Note: the "screaming phase" refers to the MALE

participant who invariably reacts in this fashion to the slightest

gesture of the ferocious BirthingFemme).


Sleep as frequently as possible, particularly at "work" and at

any time that the words "baby shower" are used in your presence.

Do not even ENTERTAIN the notion of bilking for baby at one of

these gatherings. You won't get anything you actually NEED like

FOOD, so don't even try it. You'll end up enduring a parade of

petit fours and will trudge homeward with a prize of FIFTY-EIGHT

pacifiers and a HEADACHE OF THROBBING PINK DEATH. Your valuable

between time is much better spent finding a doctor who is

1) not on the run from the "family" and 2) equally adept at

the use of forceps and a catcher's mitt.


Birth classes are HIGHLY recommended as a one-time-only engagement.

Most of the instructions are WRONG or at least HARMFUL, but the

fun of watching the other heifers huff is not to be understated.

You know how to breathe. Breathing will be the LEAST of

your concerns.


2. The Blunder Years (Infancy to Three Life Sentences)

Nourishment of a very young yeti is an occupation, a CALLING,

even. If you have been so foolish as to breed with a Normal, hoping

to dilute your fruit, this is the phase where your terrible error

will become obvious. Suckling is the EASY part. Once they move on to

paintable foods you will discover the importance of pets. Later you

will come to value metal detectors and other tools of the trade.

Never forget that they will eat ANYTHING and they will not necessarily

kill it first. Need a baby sitter? Forget it! That's why they

swallowed the swords in the first place! They have ALL DAY to plot

their next meal, your job is to ensure that it is more mutant

nutrition than blatant attrition. Be alert for the bored and famished

spawnling who says, "C'mon Kitty-kitty. We're goin' to HOLLYWOOD!!"


Don't become overly fond of any possessions or pets, and have

all parents of playmates sign a waiver OR be prepared to move in a

hurry. Stating your expectations will clarify things for your young,

and it will give them ideas. For instance, you should never say,

"Today we are not going to the Emergency Room." Every commonly phrased

caution may be a cause for inspiration, so it's best to be as

inscrutable and distracting as possible when a real danger is presented.

When they place a plastic bag over their heads, say something

like, "You're going to make SUCCOTASH!" Remember: their every hesitation

is your opportunity to suggest something entirely

different. They'll figure out how to express their creativity if you

can keep them away from heavy machinery long enough.


3. Bleed by Example (Bigger Little Yeti)

Now that they have their bowels under control, and can even tell

a STORY about shit, the real work begins. As if feeding their

stomachs wasn't demanding enough, now they are more affable and

entirely more dangerous. They demand BRAIN food, they talk in a

steady patter which contains just enough interest to prohibit

anything other than listening. Normal children can be safely ignored most

of the time, but not our li'l mutie folk. By the time they can

generate sentences, they have mastered sarcasm and even speaking in

Jungs. They will use test words like "serendipitydooda" to see

if you are REALLY listening. They will pounce and demand that you

fabricate an ORBITALLY CORRECT ANT PLANET before you've had your

first cup of sacramental Saturday coffee.


At this point it becomes obvious that they are COMPLETELY INSANE,

because they are the only beings on earth who are genuinely

interested in EVERY WORD you have to say about ANYTHING. This is where

the real yeti training begins. If you break momentarily

and look wistfully at a Barbie Doll, they will make a note of it,

and you'll have an infestation of horrid pink girly toys the next time you

flip the sofa. It's a mysterious encroachment that even the

vigilant parental person will face one day. You can't protect

them from ANY of it, but you can PREPARE them. Barbie WILL get into

your house, but if you're steadfast, she'll likely be dinosaur food or an

interchangeable dump truck driver instead of an ornament of CONdoctrination.


During this impressionable time, you can discuss most anything

with your little people. This will solidify their trust, particularly

if you maintain your composure and bury things as needed.

Revel in this time of whimsical exploration between naps.

Enjoy the hell out of it, for tomorrow they will decide you are full

of shit.