"[I]f this were the real world it would be raining red-hot steel needles

and big screaming faceless things like bundles of black rubber rope

wrapped around bundles of black obsidian knives would be ripping big

oozing hunks of each other off and chewing them up and spitting them out

to make other smaller ones to run around and fight each other and tear

bits of each other off and make more, smaller ones until they got so small

they were only made out of one atom each and didn't have anything to tear

pieces of each other off with so they'd just steal electrons from each

other all day and plot ways to steal lots of electrons all at once and

become a bigger atom and bond to other atoms and become a molecule again.


So I think for the time being the guy is safe from that ghastly and

humiliating punishment. Thank God."

-Copyright NENSLO KDV 1995-