(MegaLiz) wrote:

> (Doktor D) wrote:



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>: SWM ISO SWF for casual sex and torture. Must tolerate massive amounts

>: of emotional instability and eccentricity to the point of

>: near-psychosis, as well as occasional flashes of insight and sick

>: humour. No ugly bitches or skanky hoes. Or crackheads.


>Skinny MW/B/HF questionable hygiene, poor taste in clothes, comfy

>shoes, generous to faults, enjoys frenzied marshmallow usage. ISO same

>for playdates, killing sprees, possibly more!


Anti-social, long-winded, moody, defeatist, semi-paranoid MWM with

nice salt shaker collection willing to fork over a modest amount of

dough to female oddities willing to engage in sordid, demeaning,

non-sexual horseplay and to perform assorted household chores. Hairy

Giantesses with some plumbing experience preferred. Must be hard

workers, have own saddles and enjoy round-robin rat shoots, fishing

without bait, spoon and aig races, making forts out of the cushions

and doing infantile things inside of them (at least during break

time), chasing after the Roach Coach with a slug net, and being

whupped with a flyswatter. Serious inquiries only, please.