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Subject: Rev. Dr. Nolan Voyde: The Noah's Ark Syndrome

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by Rev. Dr. Nolan Voyde, Maverick Preceptor of the Faith

The reasons why Normals are fucked up are so numerous and

intertwined that at times it seems easier to just back away from the

whole tangled mess and say, "Well, they're just mere humans, that's

why they're idiots!" One of the reasons why it's so easy to turn tail

and write off humankind as unsalvageable is because the Conspiracy

makes it that way! Our Normal greed-lords have invested a

considerable amount of time brainwashing their sheep into submission,

do you think they want their flock's minds left open to just any

subversive doctrines that come along?

But, of course, the fact that the Conspiracy is able to mentally train

and control the mere humans is proof positive that it can be done BY


It may appear to the untrained eye that the manifold layers of

Conspiracy brainwash are too complex and deeply rooted to be reversed,

and in a sense this is true. Most adult human monkeys are too far

gone to be reached by anything but the most radical retraining

methods. And yet, the ultimate goal of a planet virtually free of

Conspiracy-trained mere humans can nevertheless be made a reality. We

can still end up ruling (and pruning back the population of) the

Normals, if we only understand a few basic laws that the Con uses to

achieve it's nefarious goals.

One of the most ubiquitous, yet least generally understood, phenomena

that the Conspiracy takes advantage of is what I call the Noah's Ark

Syndrome (NAS). I warn you before you read this, NAS is a very subtle

and complex tool with many applications and far-reaching consequences

that cannot always be predicted in detail. The interlocking matrices

of various, often even conflicting, NAS mindwiring are hard to

untangle and analyse in one short essay, but it is enough for now to

simply make my fellow believers in "Bob" aware of the phenomena and

provide some basic ideas for it's use. You must understand that

reading this essay and then thinking you can go right out and achieve

results on average human minds is about like thinking you can read a

college freshman psychology textbook and then psychoanalyse Hannibal

Lector. Yet, with further study and determination, the goal of

changing the Normal human mindset CAN be achieved! The Conspiracy

does it every "Bob" damned day, after all.

But, before we get into the application of the laws governing NAS,

obviously we must first describe it and explain how it works. Put in

it's simplest form, NAS consists primarily of isolating human

populations and controlling their information inputs. "Oh, that

sounds EASY!" you may say with a sarcastic snort. Yes, it takes

effort, especially at first, but consider all the effort you expend

serving our human monkey masters and their Conspiracy of

trained-for-the factory idiots. Consider the alarm clocks, rush-hour

traffic, ringing telephones, dipshit co-workers and bosses, tapwater

so dirty you buy bottled water, filthy air, overcrowding, not enough

sex, too many laws, on and on and on.... Now, are you trying to tell

me that it's TOO MUCH EFFORT to invest a little time and energy in

getting this situation under control? Especially when we have a

powerful tool like NAS in our arsenal?

The key is to remember that, even though you may not have considered

the applications of NAS, the Conspiracy already has it's working

program in place alongside all the others it uses. Whether or not you

take it seriously, the people pulling the levers do.

Noah's Ark Syndrome's most distinguishing feature is the information

isolation of groups of people from mainstream or opposing viewpoints.

This isolation, seemingly remarkable in an age universal literacy and

unprecented information inputs, is actually achievable and important

to our thesis. Like I said, the Con does it every day. I will

explain more, later.

In ancient times, however, this state of at least near-isolation was

relatively more easily accomplished. There was a time when a

disgruntled subordinate male with dominant aspirations could just take

off into the woods with whatever family and adherents he could claim,

and provide the beginnings for a whole new tribe. A new tribe with a

whole new tribal history. And mythology. Like the apocryphal Noah

and his offspring, once an isolated population's information inputs

fall under the control of a person or group, and this controller of

information is given charge over the education of the children, a

whole new world can be created in their minds.

Some ancient myths are believed to be rooted in actual events, which

have been exaggerated or embellished by subsequent oral tradition.

Considering how difficult it is for a roomful of people to all repeat

the same joke the same way, it's hardly surprising that, after

thousands of years of repetition, these tales of our ancestors became

epic struggles between good and evil, with mighty gods clashing over

what, for the most part, seem to be mundane human-type goals like

greed, rape, etc.

You take the case of Noah and his ark. This guy was some religious

fanatic who took it into his head that, because his neighbors did not

believe in his God of hate and revenge (who furthermore was so

incompetent that just about all he could create were people who pissed

him off), that they would be destroyed by that god in a universal

deluge. So, to the derisive amusement of those neighbors, he built a

big boat. Then, according to the legend*, the Deluge actually

happened and his bizarre beliefs were vindicated.

Yet, consider: How many religious nuts are around right now,

predicting and preparing for universal disaster? How many cults and

individuals are preaching, believing and preparing for the Judgement

of God? When some great slaughter, whether by natural or artificial

cause, actually happens, and some weirdo living under a highly evolved

delusory worldview survives this setback, what do you think his story

is going to sound like? "I tried to warn them, but they wouldn't

listen! God told me He would blow them all away unless they believed

as I do, and sure enough, it happened!"

There are countless numbers of cults and individuals who preach

crap like this at all times, and every now and then, one of them gets

lucky. The population gets pruned back by a war, natural disaster or

plague, and the random survivors can tell their children the tale of

their rightousness amid the infidels. "But then, the glorious day

arrived, and our god had his just vengeance upon them!"

It's fun to cruise around in the clouds theorizing like this, but

onward to the immense practical import of our subject. Alongside the

new tribal history/mythology comes, of course, the new tribal culture.

The way of life, the morals, the daily activities of the isolated

little band of humans is at first according to the will of a single

dominant person or clique, whose influence then continues through

succeeding generations. In fact, one of my favorite mental

masturbations is to take the behaviors of some selected group of

Normals and trace them back to their source. You have to remember,

after all, that Pinks never think up anything original. Anything they

think, do or say came from someone else.

One of the more amusing examples of this pastime is found in Ammianus

Marcellinus' "The Later Roman Empire". Ammianus was a retired army

officer who wrote his history in the last years of the Fourth Century

AD, an era when the Roman Empire had been showing signs of actively

aggressive rot for quite some time. This is truly an entertaining

book, which deserves to be read more than it is, these days. Besides

the most complete portrait of the Emperor Julian (the last pagan

emperor) in print, the book also has a great rant against lawyers and

juicy tidbits such as the one now offered in support of my thesis.

"...this people of the Taifali {a German tribe} are so sunk in gross

sensuality that among them boys couple with men in a union of

unnatural lust, and waste the flower of their youth in the polluted

embraces of their lovers. But if a young man catches a boar

single-handed or kills a bear, he is exempt thereafter from the

contamination of this lewd intercourse."

It hardly requires an imagination as vivid as mine to conjure a

scenario of an early tribal patriarch sodomizing the male children of

the clan. Occasionally, one of his pet boys who doesn't really enjoy

getting buttfucked all that much asks him "Hey, how long am I going to

have put up with this?" Rather than reply "Forever, you cute little

faggot!" and thereby risk getting murdered in his sleep, the old guy

would say, "Oh, I guess until you kill a bear and prove your manhood."

(Leaving unspoken the corollary "And also prove that you can probably

kill ME!") Being brought up in this fashion, it's easy to see how

their own children would pick up the habit. Next thing you know, a

tribe, then a nation are doing the wild thing this way.

That's an obvious example from a people newly emerged from the

semi-isolation of nomadic times. In the modern world, the isolation

is not so much physically from outsiders as much as a channeling of

data inputs, but the operating theory and results are identical. The

Branch Davidians are a classic example. These Pinks started out as

the brainwashed, ignorant products of the American Conspiracy's public

schools and Sunday schools. But, the Con-program worked TOO WELL on

these human cattle, and they fell under the spell of a weirdly evolved

Seventh Day Adventist/Millerite cult led by a certified madman named

Roden, and finally ended up being controlled by an electric

guitar-abusing, child-molesting asshole who called himself David


It's not so important that the Davidians wanted an apocalypse to

destroy their enemies. The point is, David Koresh had ALREADY created

a Noah's Ark Syndrome-victimized population right in the middle of the

most information-rich society in the history of the world! He found a

small group of susceptible adults, and gained CONTROL OF THEIR

INFORMATION INPUTS and, even more importantly, control of THEIR

CHILDREN! Given time, they would have continued breeding and nursing

their dreams of taking over a world stripped of unbelievers until some

kind of Doomsday actually occurred. If they survived that, then they

would be proven right.

You can only convert a limited number of brain-hardened adults to any

new cause, but once you get a few and get them to breeding, you're in

like Flynn, as the saying goes. Their dumb human spawn is clay in

your hands! Yee-haw!

I am not suggesting, however, that SubG's start founding cults holed

up in compounds and training them and their kids to follow "Bob"'s

will. I approve if you do, but it's too inefficient. We need to

reach most, if not all, of them to enjoy final success in wresting

control of this planet from them. What I am suggesting is that we

need to preach to the already converted a little less, and bend more

effort to reaching the masses. I don't mean converting them to the

Church; they're still Pink monkeys no matter what card they carry. I

mean just getting them to OBEY us.

To sum up the whole purpose of this essay, I suggest we start doing

things like infiltrating the major media outlets and either writing or

influencing the people who write school textbooks. Of course, we

can't just come right out with the hard-line "Bob" rap, at first.

Some subtlety and slyness is required. This is a war, after all. Get

crafty and fight dirty. Insert or get other people to insert SubG

doctrines (knowingly or not, depending on circumstances) into whatever

message they're grinding out. Put out stuff that doesn't openly

declare it's real orientation. Start preparing the Normals for the

hardcore stuff to come, later.

All we need is a brainwashed Normal core group of sufficient size,

then they'll breed us evermore numbers of themselves, and then we'll

have a crop of humans raised from the cradle on our ideology. We also

need to get to more children whose parents will never be under our

control. Thanks to the Conspiracy, these kids are dumber'n hell, and

other groups (especially the main Conspiracy which controls the

schools) are BEATING US TO THE PUNCH! No wonder everything's so

fucked-up from our point of view and we have so many enemies, we're

only barely TRYING! The minds of those Pink potential slaves are


One suggestion I would leave you with, which doesn't require a lot of

effort and can easily be done by anyone who can retrieve and read this

article is: WORK THE 'NET! Start by working over other newsgroups

and get into non-SubGenius chatrooms. Post slyly worded articles and

do voodoo on IRC habitues. Even set up webpages with SubG ideas

embedded within them. Who knows how many karate and Edgar Cayce dorks

have cruised this newsgroup because of my postings in theirs! Not

every head you hook will be landed, but some WILL BE!



*First off, the legend itself was originally not Hebrew (see under

keywords "Deucalion" and "Gilgamesh"), as the Bible would have us

believe. Secondly, there are TWO versions of the Flood Story in the

Bible's book of Genesis, which contradict each other on several

details. Third, the Hebrew version(s) of the story imply that Yahweh

(Jehovah One to us) was too unimaginative to devise a way of setting

the "wicked" back on his prescribed course for them (or even to

prevent straying in the first place!). And lastly, we're alleged to

be God's children, but when a child misbehaves, do even the benighted

Normals ordinarily just chastise them, or do they KILL them?



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