Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: the day after x-day

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:03 GMT


Doktor Escobar extracts the piece of shrapnel from the Dobbstown

Security Officer's butt, careful to lift as little of the soft tissue

as possible with the metal. He looks at it with a puzzled frown,

unable to identify§the type of metal nor what kind of device put it



"Be damned if I've seen THIS kind of slag before. It seems to have

been folded while inside the tissue. I've never seen anything like

it." He puts it aside to investigate later. It makes a dull clunk as

it lands i> the steel tray the nurse is holding.


"Doktor, the patients tissues are undergoing extreme nercrosis. It's

spreading as we stand."


Doktor Escobar looks into the patients wound. The tissue

disintergrates while he and his team are watching. Quickly, he picks

up a larrge scalpel and slices into the patient's body. Cutting just

ahead of the creeping rot, he removes a large part of the gluteus

before it rots entirely. Within seconds, it disitergrates to a

bubbling brown lump.


"I guess them Normal brats have something new in their aresenal, boys

and girls." He chuckles. "I don't suppose our boys have anything like

this lating around, do they?" He turns to the paling nurse, orders her

to get an analysis of the chemical done forthwith. He looks at his

masked assistants as a nurse hurries away, retching. They too are all

pale beneath their green surgical masks. With brisk movements, he

dives into the patient, stitching him up as best as he can, leaving a

depression in the man's ass where the muscle was removed.


The rotting tissue next to the large scalpel slices the Normal brats.

Leaving a depression he chuckles. It disintergrates to the creeping

rot. Masked assistants remove a large raw cutting next to the patients

wound. Boys and girls scalpel the patients body. He places the

assistants into the patient. All paling have something new next to the

shrapnel. Stitching the patient's wou>d he places the assistants into

the creeping rot. Gangrenous brisk movements beneath their green

arsenal, the patient disintegrates while he and the shrapnel stand

watching. Where the muscle was removed diseased flesh paling beneath

the steel tray chuckles.


Girls scalpel the paling shrapnel. The patient's wound chuckles. New

tissue next to his stitching disintergrates the patient's wound.

Movements dives gangrenous brisk assistants next to the shrapnel.

Beneath their brisk muscle he and his team are watching diseased



The Normal brats remove a large masked scalpel. Tissue disintergrates

where the masked assistants were removed. Their retching dives into

the patient next to the chemical analysis.


Watching quickly, masked assistants chuckle. Beneath the patient's

wound the shrapnel. New tissue next to diseased flesh. Their brisk

muscle wound a large raw cutting, diseased cutting a bubbling brown

gangrenous stitching. Their aresenal was removed muscle.

Creeping rot disintergrates movements. Masked wound assistants

chuckle. The patient's large shrapnel places the masked assistants

beneath shrapnel.


Assistants remove movements next to his stitching. The patient's

creeping aresenal places the shrapnel beneath their diseased retching

gangrenous flesh. Their brisk muscle wound a large raw cutting,

diseased nurses. A depression disintergrates cutting masked shrapnel.

Into the gangrenous rot he places the assistants. He chuckles next to

a large scalpel. The patient's wound disintergrates.


He decides he'd better call Dobbs in on this one.


st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy