From Wed Nov 12 01:50:59 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Gerri Schnell

From: William Price <>

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:50:59 -0500


> Me too. Hopefully it doesn't work the other way.

I'm sorry to report it does. I used to love "The Wall" for example,

until I had it force fed to me constantly from years of living in a

college town and suffering forced exposure thru classic rock

stations...I Loved "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi until I had my heart

ripped out of my chest, chewed up, skewered, acid dipped and speed

rusted at work one day in a record store in 1988 to it ...someone put it

on the turntable(it was formerly a favorite of mine) and some one I was

convinced was my soulmate but was really just a Psychopath I had

accidentaly developed a dream-bond (!?!) with came in tp twist the knife

in JUST A BIT DEEPER...(The kind of person you try to shake after you

determine they are trouble, but keeps coming back, and everytime they do

you know they are coming in advance because you have a recurring

premonitive nightmare two weeks before they show up{we are here because

we're Mutants, after all../.}and live in fear because you KNOW your

weird is coming down like melon-sized hailstones and NOTHING will stop

it...and it begins to drive you slowly insane..


Thankfully, I had the wisdom not to ever let her know about the

dreams...they started after her jealous brother SHOT at both of us when

I delivered her Christmas present (a copy of The Hitchhikers Guide To

The Galaxy>


Yeah, I used to LOVE the four seasons...But that girl Broke. She

made a bid to escape Pinkness, and saw The Vision. And she Couldn't handle

it...She left ALL the few freinds she had and went GLORP. "I am

dedicating my life to financial gain", taht was what she claimed..She

ditched her pink dip freinds to hang with my crew of mutants for a

week...and then she ditched us to...It was BLoody WEIRD.


So I'm ranting..I just get going on this shit sometimes, I dont

give a hoot...


If alt. slack Isn't a place where a freak can rant freely, than I joined

the wrong church and Slack is truly Dead here...I realize this is an

E-mail response, but I gotta spew when it comes out, its the curse, you



all of the above is absolutely true.


One last Earl..Earl pitts, Native american redneck./...did I send that

one already?

Dave from Canada (dave Bachner)


she probably wouldnt remember...but her name is in the SUBJECT line in

case she searches for it...I ve never publicly told this story and I

can't post this without including a SLIGHT chance that shell see it

before it's wiped. Maybe Pinkboy will come and try to KILL ME again...