Subject: Re: Women Pay You For Intimate Services

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 01:28:00 GMT

From: (dat ol' Rev Lance Boyle)

Organization: IDT

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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On Fri, 07 Nov 1997 14:10:55 GMT, a little light bulb went on over the

head of TarlaStar (!!! (TarlaStar)), and she wrote

thus and so to alt.slack:

>I'm sorta unsure of the definition of "jock." Is it simply someone who

>is athletic, or do you have to have a particular mind-set?


(This is all IMNSHO, but then again, nowadays "personal opinion" is

equivalent to "Gospel Truth", so what the hey)


A Jock is more than an athlete. A jock has an exxagerated sense of

the importance of athletics. He or she believes that sports

a) can get you laid

b) can get you money

c) simplifies your choices in clothing

d) simplifies your choices in entertainment


I think people catch the Jock virus in grade/junior high/high school.

They go out for the school sporting events and are, because of the

skewed priorities in academia these days, the most important and most

popular students in school. They enjoy this feeling of importance and

come to believe that it will continue past graduation (or expulsion,

as the case may be). Their Jock-dom is their armor, protecting their

egos from the realization that Sports JUST ISN"T IMPORTANT!!!


I was required in grade school to play baseball and basketball during

recess. This early exposure to athletics I consider to have been a

relatively benign inoculation that prevented any subsequent infection

with the Jock virus. I don't give diddly for Sports and feel that I'm

the better Yeti for it.


"We have met the enemy and

they are us and you are

me and we are all together."

- Walt Kelly, John Lennon

and the Beatles

The vivacious Rev. Lance Boyle