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Subject: Onan Salutes Rival Cultist, Now in Hell

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Date: 12 Nov 1997 19:04:15 GMT


Y'all observe a moment of silence or noise, depending, for our recently

fallen rival cult leader Dr. Anton LaVey. He was a bad man who did bad

things, and for that we give thanks.


Reuters New Media

Monday November 10 10:55 AM EST

'Black Pope' of Satanic Church dies

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Anton Szandor LaVey, the former lion trainer

who became the "Black Pope" of the Church of Satan, died recently aged

67, his daughter said.

"He said his epitaph should be ...'I only regret the times that I was

too nice,"' Karla LaVey, a self-described Satanic high priestess, told

a news conference Friday.

LaVey, the goateed occultist who played Satan in Roman Polanksi's 1968

film "Rosemary's Baby" and wrote the "Satanic Bible," died of

pulmonary edema brought on by a heart attack.

Family members said LaVey died on Oct. 29, but for some reason his

death certificate lists him as having died on Oct. 31 -- Halloween.

Deepening the mystery, the family said they kept his death secret for

a week in order not to distract his followers over their most

important holiday season.

"We knew that our members would be very upset by this," said Karla.

In the small, black-painted Victorian house which served as LaVey's

home and church headquarters, Karla and LaVey's longtime companion

Blanche Barton, another church high priestess, vowed to continue with

his work.

"We will follow in his footsteps ... to keep the Church of Satan alive

and strong," said Karla, seated beside a life-size waxwork figure of

her father in the house's "Ritual Chamber", or parlor. "No one will

take his place," added Barton.

LaVey worked as a circus lion trainer, a crime photographer and

professional organist before founding his church in 1966. With his

shaven head and trademark black cape, he gained notoriety in 1967 when

he performed the very first Satanic wedding. ^REUTERS@


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