Newsgroups: alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk,,alt.slack

Subject: Aventuras de ISP

From: (Seester Rosa Gabriel)

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:34:52 GMT


I've worked at two different ISP's and know that set up and

cancellations take about three minutes and a minimum wage worker. I

know computer people working at ISP's are the come and go drifters of

this new Millenium. ( which I believe has already started.)

It's just one more story that goes into my "The Internet Will Take

Over the World" files. The website ( is a load of laughs with their "15

minute support replies" and "best customer service anywhere". And OH

how they are growing!

My letter to Be-vare Be-vare the pay a year ahead


Seester Rosa Gabriel


Support Genius', after five days of trying to cancel I am still



Are you waiting for my ten day trial time to be up so you can then

thieve me of my 89+set-up, money?


Is it in the manual? A twisted Dale Carnegie interpretation that

let's you merely act like snobbish incompetents to gain your feelthy

lucre in fully justified manner?


I had a few e-mails with Tim who said finally that he would "get it to

the right person". He did not.


I talked to Roberta from sales this morning who said that she, also,

would get it to the right person. Nope, she left me debited too.


I asked nicely once, politely the second time, the third and fourth

time a dwindling belief of "benefit of the doubt" and now I am

addressing you like the incompetent apes that you are, a language that

must be the only one you can understand. Don't steal my money,

knuckle-draggers, my babies already go without milk so I can have this

internet thingee.


Cancel my fucking account and credit my VISA back my 89+set-up



Don't you *WANT* to get rid of me?

Eloise Rosa Gabriel