Subject: Re: Religion poll: Was: Zappa and God

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 20:00:23 GMT

From: (Doktor D)

Organization: Occidental Ministries

Newsgroups:, alt.slack

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On Fri, 07 Nov 1997 21:32:41 -0500, Christopher Ekman

<> wrote:


>I've always been entertained by Discordianism, despite the hippie

>element. Much as I like Paul Mavrides, though, I can't find the energy

>to ponder the infinite baroque dogma of SubGenius. (With Discordianism,

>no one will ever kill somebody as a result of taking it too seriously.


That's why Discordianism is never going to be famous, and the Church

of the Subgenius will. Hey, if you're going to be in a stupid

religion, don't you at least want to be in one with lots of political



And you're not supposed to PONDER the dogma. You're supposed to MAKE

IT UP! Does that help?


>Believe it or not, Mr. Vreedees worries that some true believers are

>taken in by the thoroughness of the hoax; he once told the Comics

>Journal, "I'm serious, Gary! There are AT LEAST 400 'Followers of the

>Short Sword of Dobbs'!")


That's because it's not a hoax. Duh. In reality it's so cunning and

sublime that even some of its founders and key members think it's

something "funny" they made up off the top of their heads rather than

the Key to World Domination! ALL HAIL TO THE PIPE OF DOBBS!