Subject:Re: JESUS IS THE LORD!!!!!

Date: 8 Nov 1997 09:01:38 -0800

From: W'h'eezer Wilco

Organization: Rancho Retardo

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In article <6410s2$>, "Casey says...

>Uh...I might just be really retarded and stupid, but what the hell is



The phonographer is a sick and twisted individual. If you've ever wondered

if all the things that you've no doubt read about them in newspapers, or

seen about them on TV is true, I can tell you that it's ALL TOO TRUE and

WORSE! The most sick of these perverts are the child phonographers, who

are usually also Satin Worshippers, especially in Britain. The term

"phonographer" and "Satinist" can almost be used interchangably. What's

worse is that they're using the media and rock and roll music to spread

the word and make young people think that this abominable lifestyle is OK,

despite the bible's admonitions for them to turn away from sin and act

like everything's OK. Jesus Himself said "It is easier for a... man

to... let this cup pass from me... than for a camel to pass... a needle...

in rememberance...of my...ass..." The very Word of God! Tell that to

pop-star "Beck" with his blasphemous "Two Turntables and a Microphone"

and Conway Twitty, who even deceptively recorded gospel favorites to lull

the Lord's flock to sleep, while covering the Satinic hymn "Satin Sheets"



>Uh oh...i spoke out...that means they'll be on their scared.


You can bet THEY will be! These are the end times! Flava Flav says "Kick

it to the birds, Gee, kick it to the birds, man" in Public Enemy's "Night

Train". Bird's indeed! We all know who the "Prince of the Air" is! THEY

are everywhere, flying around, sometimes nesting in your attic, carrying

secret messages in small compartments on their legs, lulling God's people

to sleep with their hypnotic chirping songs. But fear not! Have faith!


The Lord says that His "eye is on the sparrow", and He's not letting it out

of His sight for a second! I suggest you do the same!

-W'h'eezer Wilco