From Sun Jul 19 09:44:38 1998

Newsgroups: alt.religion,alt.religion.christian,alt.religion.christian-teen,,alt.christnet,,alt.slack

Subject: Is Your Religion a Front?

From: Steve Slack <>

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 12:44:38 -0400


A message on a church signboard I saw today made

me ponder and wonder:




To which I thought, "What do you mean?

Are you saying that mine is and yours isn't?"


The question should be, "Ask not whether your

religion is a front, but rather what your

religion is a front FOR ...?"


If your religion is a FRONT for stodgy, dull,

mentally unhealthy, possibly psychotic, willfully

ignorant, malevolent and hateful DUPES who praise

a paper GOD;


If your religion is a FRONT for antagonistic

and naieve crypto-fascists who advocate genocide

in the name of love, misconstrue sensory deprivation

as epiphany, and promote willful and irreperable

destruction of His property (you know, "Trash

all you want - He'll make more") in the name of

short-term profit;


If your religion is a FRONT for pollyannas who

absolve themselves of any responsibility for

taking control of their lives while simultaneously

attempting to restrict other's access to information

pursuant to making informed and educated decisions;


Mabye it's time to SWITCH!!


As a deprogrammed former Charismatic Christian,

complete with tounges-speaking and falling on

the floor thereof, I can attest to the pervasiveness

of religious mania and its control over my life,

sometimes months or even years after the original

decision to separate.


I can attest to the methods by which agents of

Christ manipulated and indocrinated me at the most

insecure and needy time of my youth. I can attest

to the willful naievete and self-restricting guilt

which has served as roadblocks to my personal

fullfillment. And I can confess to the squandered

youth and wasted time as a slave to the minions of

Christ, trying to appease and be concilitory to the

robots of the one truly EVIL religion.


Don't be a fool playing catch-up like I did for

so many years. If you want the scales to be

ripped from your eyes, the first step is as easy

as it is cheap:


ONE dollar to P.O. Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214.


After which you will proudly stand and holler:


"No! YOUR religion is a FRONT. Mine is a FULL FRONTAL."