From saduj@suinegbus.moc Thu Dec 17 03:22:16 1998

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Subject: Uncommon Nonsense, 16.Dec.98 - Clinton needs to get off

From: saduj@suinegbus.moc (Reverend-Bursar Judas Iscariot,)

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 03:22:16 -0800


Uncommon Nonsense, 16/Dec/98, this nonsense is truly uncommon.


Was this man not first elected--On the ticket of DEMOCRACY!--primarily on

the notion that he was Not GEORGE BUSH, and that he would Not be blowing

up portions of the landscape just because he cannot get off any more?


At least Bush had the excuse of male menopause.



But why can Clinton Not get off? Because this man is such an obvious

horndog--with an odd fetish for women with bad teeth--that he got caught.

Everybody knew. When another sex scandal--Scandals are supposed to harm

your political career, are they Not?--broke, with a twenty-one year old

intern this time, Not a person was surprised.


Name any man, with a reputation like his, who would Not use the Presidency

to get the youngest intern he could get his hands on. I would.


His wife, who has obviously had her own affairs as well, although usually

more discreetly, acts like the amicable business partner she is, but do

you think they have had sex this year?


He acted like any president you care to name; he covers it up. I think

the only president who might Not have lied about his sex life while in

office was Harrison--maybe. So he's going to be IMPEACHED for lying about

his sex life. Not for investment FRAUD, or CONSPIRACY to commit MURDER,

or sexual HARASSMENT, or when he was truly using the FBI to IMPEDE

JUSTICE, or even on some Puritanical enforcement of the BIBLE, or on TAX

EVASION--NO! He will be IMPEACHED for lying about his sex life to the

FBI, then to the Special Investigator, and finally to a Judge and Grand



Congress should hold a hearing, and invite CNN, and force him to LIE to



We are whipping an Arkansas horndog for chasing the interns. And so he

cannot chase them, but he is still horny. I think Monica was the last



Well, here is a psychological study in the making. What happens when you

take a territorial man--ALL politicians are--who wields more political,

social and military power than should be under the control of any single

person--AND WHIP HIM every time he expresses a sexual urge. It does NOT

take a psychiatrist to guess.


And Saddam Hussein is once again the DEVIL.



Eight years ago, Bush's image was dropping like a stone with the public

which elected him--funny the way that happens when you betray every ideal

which got you elected--paying attention Clinton?--so he makes one of his

Former CIA Lapdogs into a Hitleresque enemy in the Media so he can be the

AMERICAN HERO by bombing that country back into the Stone Age.


That incident produced such great pieces of work as the Oklahoma City

terrorists--how could Timothy McVeigh be so inured against BOMBING

CHILDREN, could it have anything to do with him firing a cannon to

collapse bomb shelters, holding CHILDREN, for a couple of months? and the

ON-OFF political career of Colin Powell--who somehow speaks every at

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, despite being the extreme opposite of

everything Dr. King stood for, a Black Man who made his career ordering

the deaths of millions, by kissing the Anglo White ASSES of his Commanding

Officers! and of course, let us not forget the last SEVEN years of ON-OFF

sanctions to prevent the presence of FOOD, MEDICINE, or a viable ECONOMY

in Iraq, which--for those who didn't read the Treaty of Versailles

carefully enough--is an incredibly good way of making sure a FORMER

aggressor becomes a FUTURE aggressor.


But at least we get the COMEDY of ANTI-WAR REPUBLICANS!


For the past few years, Iraq has been starving, disease-ridden, without an

viable adult work force, and with gunboats sometimes preventing anyone

from selling, or even GIVING, them any FOOD or MEDICINE. When a

pharmecedical factory VIOLATES U.N. SANCTIONS by shipping medicine to

Iraq, the U.S. LIES and says they were producing V-SERIES NERVE AGENT.

The U.S. Government has yet to provide a shred of proof.


If I were running a country in a situation even resembling this, I'd be

pissed enough to be treat UN inspectors like SHIT. I'd take them hostage

and demand some food for my people. I wouldn't threaten to bomb the most

powerful GANG LEADER on Earth, but that's just because I know he'd bomb me

for making the threat.


Does anyone actually think Iraq is a threat to any other country in the

world right now? That even if they had chemical weapons, that they could

build a missle and launch it without the CIA finding out first? The

country is behaving just like Saddam Hussein is: like a pathetic, WEAK

LITTLE BOY who is trying to keep the STRONGEST Alpha-Male GORILLA in

History from beating him up!


William Jefferson Clinton should Not be IMPEACHED for LYING about his SEX LIFE.


William Jefferson Clinton should be IMPEACHED for keeping FOOD and

MEDICINE from a STARVING NATION, and then BOMBING THEM when they did Not