From Fri Jul 17 09:48:15 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: There really IS a clique

From: (G. G. Gordon)

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 16:48:15 GMT


On Fri, 17 Jul 1998 01:19:00 GMT, !!! (TarlaStar)



>Unit4@Sputum.Com (Doktor DynaSoar) wrote:


>>Clique is the word for the bunch of people that someone would rather apply the

>>word "us" to.


>>In alt.slack TarlaStar wrote:


>>} I want a new poster that I can respect. Surely one of you lurkers has

>>} the balls and personality to satisfy me.


>>To which I'd like to add and expand:


>>Sometimes new posters DO fit in from the get-go. Pee Kitty and Annnnnna come

>>to mind. They do so not by trying to fit in (or fit in by not fitting in), by

>>writing the 'right' things, but by being themselves.


>As always, you are right on the money.


What an absolutely marvelous thread and a pleasure to read, thanks

for kicking this off Tarla---enjoyed the b'guy's beer, wish you had

been there. I must confess that after mostly lurking on this newsgroup

I usually only post occasionally...but I do sense a newer breadth in

the information exchange and crossover between the funnin' and flamin'

and I don't know if that's because now I have so many new faces and

persona to put with the names on their postings or if we are turning

into at least an alt.slack than can stay on topic if not the kinder

and gentler subgenius nation. After twenty years association with

Stang, Dobbs and a large number of church members, I have come to only

one conclusion...this church is a joke...if you get it, you kill Bob

and become enlightened, a true Subgenius, if the joke just makes you

laugh, then you'll be doomed to be a Bobbie until you do get it...if

ever, and if you don't get it and you don't laugh, then you're a


That's right the church, like your life is a joke, and if you

can't take a joke....

As someone who has been accurately categorized as Nenslaic

(old, grumpy and cynical and mean] I found the X-day fiasco to be a

great and momentous event in the history of the church, because it

marks the turning point in the Church's progress. It was a bringing

together of a large number of solitary people many of who do not

socialize or interact well with "normal" society. I saw people of

every stripe and spot exhibiting all sorts of dementia and bizarre

behaviour and all obviously enjoying themselves and everyone else a

great deal...but more than that I saw, felt, lived, breathed and

wallowed in SLACK!

X-day reminded me what the church was all about, why it was

started, a thing we give lip service to and seldom achieve

nowadays...SLACK. And when I found myself standing out there with

Dobbs prophecy totally unfulfilled, no X-ists, no end of the world, in

fact nothing happening at all except what we were making happen, as I

said before, never have I been prouder of my religion or more

convinced of its superiority to all other belief structures. That

choice I made twenty years ago was the right choice and there is only

one way...through Slack!!!!






Grab life by the lapels and scream in its face if you want to get anywhere!