From e/ Tue Jul 14 06:17:20 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: The Sound Of Money (last one, I promise!)

From: e/ (Musical Bears)

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 13:17:20 GMT


My Favorite Things


Sheer crotchless panties on Connies' sweet booty,

Dobbs heads and warm beds with Subgenius cuties,

Dagger of steel in a clock with some wings,

These are a few of my favorite things!


When the frop pipe, will not re-light, when I'm losing Slack,

I simply remember my favorite things, and then there's no turning back!


Chemical agents that leave nasty rashes,

Raging infernos that burn pinks to ashes,

Nuclear winters that holocaust brings,

These are a few of my favorite things!


When the saucers, spurn our offers, when Bob's deal falls through,

I simply remember my favorite things, and take my revenge on YOU!


The Bobbies


How do we solve the problem of the bobbies?

Who do we owe when saucers don't touch down?

How can we find the words to fool the faithful?

A flip of the wrist, a napkin upside down?


Many a thing left over yet to sell them,

Many a joke they didn't understand,

But how do we make them pay, to listen to what we say?

How do we keep their wallets close at hand?


Oh, how do we solve the problem of the bobbies?

When will the Xist saucers ever land?




Dough, it's dear, we need it here,

Ray, a type of Xist gun,

Me, a game of nental ives,

Farce, a long long time to run,

So, you didn't get the joke?

Laugh, it isn't all that hard!

Tee off with the head of Dobbs,

And that brings us back to Dough...


The Bills Have Arrived


The bills have arrived and we're out of money,

The world will not end for six thousand years,

The bills fill my ears with the sound of DUMMY!

My wife wants to leave every bill in arrears.


My heart skips a beat like the wings of a clock that dies,

When stabbed from behind,

My brain wants to turn on a dime and fly,

From a church of the blind,

To laugh with Bob Dobbs as he trips and falls,

And the luck tilts his way,

To preach through the night,

To some bobbies who're willing to pay!


I go to devive when my wallet's empty,

I know I will earn what I've earned before,

My Church will be blessed with a sum of money,

And Arise once more!


Climb In Your Saucer


Climb In your saucer!

Search out your dream,

Follow every impulse,

Every slackful theme...


Climb in your saucer!

Your love machine,

Fly over the rainbow,

There you'll find your dream.


A dream that will last,

For a moment, if that...

But will fill your whole life,

With incredible Slack!


Build your own saucer!

Dobb's shows you how,

Send him thirty dollars,

Join His Church right now!


(C) 1998 Musical Bears