From Fri Jul 24 13:59:48 1998

Newsgroups: alt.binaries.slack,alt.slack

Subject: Handy tips on amphetamine chewing gum

From: (Fernandinande Le Mur)

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 20:59:48 GMT


Make it at home: Amphetamine Chewing Gum!


OK, here's the story... One day, I happened to be stuck with quite a

few time-release amphetamine capsules (dextro-amphetamine, mind you)

and I personally hate the time release capsules. Why? Take three in

the afternoon and you don't get to sleep all night... Small amounts

of amphetamine go in your system hour after hour and you slowly grow

psychotic. Since you didn't get to sleep all night, you need more

amphetamine to keep you up through the day and by the evening the only

real desire you may have is to go to sleep and wake up later "feeling



The Recipe

Chewing Gum (prefferably a winterfresh or spearmint flavor)

Time release amphetamine capsules

A mouth


The Process

Use the mouth to wet a stick of chewing gum. Open a time release amphetamine

capsule and empty the amphetamine beads on the sticky piece of gum. You

should be able to get two or three capsules on a piece of gum. Wrap the

gum up with the amphetamine beads being invisible - and - drumroll - you



Usage of The Final Product

Chew the gum in a time of low self esteem, tiredness, narcolepsy, attention

defecit disorder, boredoom, homework, studying, partying, dancing, or just

plain SPEEDING. Easy to conceal, easy to bring across borders of international

customs agents snooping in your purse or boombox, easy to chew and best of


(Oh yeah, also, it works wonders when you're sitting by a computer making

web page after web page)


Your teeth chew up the amphetamine beads so instead of that stupid time release

game you get some good'ol AlphaMethylPHenEThylAMINE in your BLOOD running to

your BRAIN. All AT ONCE - No cheesy time release! Yeah!


Why spearmint or winterfresh flavors?

Amphetamine HCl or whatever is inside of those beads, along with the filler,

tastes like shit. Not really all that bad, but it is rather sour and crappy.

The spearmint covers it up. Lemon juice (or lemon slurpee made of real lemon

juice, etc..) works well too. Sugar by itself ain't bad either.