From Sat Dec 26 15:05:04 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: bad medicine.

From: "kevbob" <>

Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 17:05:04 -0600


"There's a Conspiracy, you know!"

mike was a nice guy, albeit in a particularly pathetic kind of a way. he

was a good guy, ya, but, well, there was so much he was lacking. like, well,


"ok, a conspiracy. and, this highly organized completely unknown group of

people and organizations is ultimately trying to????"

"Well, first off, remember how you had to take Flouride?"

this wasn't going to be easy. and my eggs were getting cold. and my coffee.

and my cigarette was slowly eeking out it's last in the plastic ashtray.

"flouride. flouride. ya, i remember flouride. once."

"Um, well, it's all a plot in order"

"in order for my teeth to be nice and white? lissen, i'm trying to eat my

eggs. stuffit for a second, ok?"

"Oh, and have you read the reports on poultry farming?"


i didn't want to kill him, but it was looking like i was going to have to.


"mike, do you watch teevee?"

he nodded.



"60 minutes, the guy with the broken nose? entertainment tonite?"


"you read the papers?"

"Every day!!"

"every day. ok.

mike? who writes the papers? who produces the teevee shows? who?"

"Um, well, journalists and stuff! The truth IS out there, man!"


suddenly, i wasn't hungry any more. i love toast, really i do. i even like

it when it gets cold, which is nice, because toast goes from nice and hot to

cold faster than anything i've ever experienced.


but, i just didn't feel like toast anymore.


i could feel the buzzing, in that bone right behind my left ear. i knew what

it meant, but, well, mike was a nice guy.

i'd see if i could postpone the inevitable.


"mike? do you do drugs? you like to get real high and just watch the


"DRUGS? are you CRAZY???? crack is produced by the CIA man!!!!"



the police had to fish another body out of the river.


another body with a pipe sticking out of its throat.



they made you into what you are today.

never forget to thank them.