From Sat Aug 15 18:39:14 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: The Joys of 195

From: (Crazy Bob)

Date: 16 Aug 1998 01:39:14 GMT


Driving West on 195 this afternoon for reasons too complex and

simultaneously not interesting enough to go into, I witnessed and

participated in some very amusing behavior.


This goes back to the Rotary thread, but I can't find it right now.


I was on a Rotary...


Wait, 195 doesn't HAVE rotaries...


OK, I was actually going North on 28 for the first one... so KILL ME!

Anyway, going 'round the rotary on 28 North, I was passed on the

left by a white convertible Mercedes-Benz with the top down and two

conspicuously wholesomely blond characters riding in it. Well one was

actually driving.


The other was riding.


OK, well that sentence gives the wrong impression. But the woman in

the passenger seat was leaned far over to the left, looming above the

driver, with her left arm propping her up on the back of his seat and

her right arm hidden behind her body.


Her right SHOULDER, on the other hend, was both visible and visibly,

rhythmically moving.


I must have stumbled upon this scene (or rather, it stumbled onto me)

in medias res, as the woman shortly sat back down in the passenger

seat. Her right arm then swung out of the car, her hand making a

cupping motion reminiscent of professional bowlers.


The fact that I did not have to use my windshield wipers meant that

upon returning home I inspected my car's grillwork for possibly

embarrassing adhesions.


The next thing that happened was less interesting, and as such will

probably come (er...) as a bit of an anticlimax (um...)


This one actually takes place on 195, tho'! I was in the process of

passing a white car with prominent surfer/skater stickers and realized

that I was no longer making progress. So I steepd on the gas and

kicked it up another 5mph (to 85, for those of you keeping score at

home). I got up to the point where our cars were even, when I again

stopped gaining.


"So," thought your modest hero, "that's this guys game," and floored



About ten minutes later he had almost caught up and obviously wanted

to go for another round. I zipped around a few cars and lost sight of



I would've had him the third time if it hadn't been for the

slow-moving car in the right lane. He got ahead of me and immediately

thereafter left 196 by the first available exit... leaving me to

woolgather: when's the l;ast time I cracked 100?


All in all, a potentially tedious commute lightened immensely.