From Tue Aug 11 05:40:31 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Mid-Atlantic Slack Crusade

From: "Dr.Legume" <>

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:40:31 -0400



The first meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Slack Crusade will be held on the

last Saturday in August.

Pastor Pressure is organizing the local Subs from Pennsylvania, New

Jersey and Delaware, and anybody interested should contact him for



Pressure came to me with this idea awhile back, saying how it was a

damned shame he had to drive 500 miles to Brushwood to meet folks who

lived an hour away, and I see his point. His idea is to have the locals

get together once a month, to hang out, barbecue, go shooting, etc.

Maybe we can all go to church some Wednesday night just for shits and

giggles, or take a road trip to Amish country to score drugs from the

Mennonites. And my old buddy Peter Popoff still comes to town every so



Pressure has proven to me that he's a capable and competent guy (as well

as being my tech guru), and I leave the details in his capable and

competent claws. He has big plans for this area, and I put my trust in

him that he'll bust his ass to make this thing work. He's my

Bevilacqua...and I guess that makes Edward Strange my Legume.


I know that several of you will respond with the usual predictable "why

bother?" and "it'll never work". You can feel free to not participate.

Most of you who will whine wouldn't show up anyway due to the fact that

you're hundreds of miles away, or too cool. That's been what's kept the

Church from living up to its full potential for 20 years, fatalistic

attitudes from people too lazy to actually do shit themselves, but

always ready to shoot down anyone who TRIES. Well, we don't need you

anyway, plain and simple. Go send Stang a dollar and shut the fuck up.


We here at MASC realize that Dobbs dropped the ball, and we're gonna

pick it up and run with it. We're not willing to place all of our faith

in Mr.Clip Art anymore. This is a clench for the people.


We want our slack, and we're going to get it for OURSELVES. The rest of

you can feel free to keep waiting for Dobbs to knock on your door and

hand it to you...but we're going to go have some fun.




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