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Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Your Filksong

From: NENSLO <n@n.slo>

Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 20:16:26 GMT


Your Filksong

(to the tune of Your Mission, by Jessie R. Gates and S. M. Grannis)


If you cannot on the ocean

Sail among the swiftest fleet

Rocking on the highest billows

Laughing at the storms you meet

You can stand among the sailors

Anchor'd yet within the bay

You can sing a stupid filksong

As they launch their boats away

As they launch their boats away


If you are too weak to journey

Up the mountain steep and high

You can stand within the valley

While the multitudes go by

You can chant in happy measure

As they slowly pass along

Though they cannot kill the singer

They will surely hate the song

They will surely hate the song


If you have not gold and silver

Ever ready to command

If you cannot t'wards the needy

Reach an ever-open hand

You can augment their afflictions

O'er the poor schmucks you can shriek

Some stupid fucking filksong

Pathetic lame and weak

Pathetic lame and weak


If you cannot in the conflict

Prove yourself a soldier true

If, where fire and smoke are thickest

There's no work that YOU can do

When the battlefield is silent

You can go with careful tread

You can torment all the wounded

You can plunder all the dead

You can plunder all the dead


Do not, then, stand idly waiting

For some greater work to do

Fortune is a lazy goddess

She will never come to you

Go and hack a stupid filksong

Do not strive to do or dare

If you want to be a nuisance

You can do it anywhere

You can do it anywhere