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Subject: Re: X-Ray Specs - Buy 'em now!

From: Sketchy Albedo <>

Date: 13 Aug 1998 16:40:13 GMT


axel heyst explains it all:


:This article has come to my attention by way of "adam"

:<> posting in alt.folklore.urban:




: Aug. 12 Ñ Sony Corp. said Wednesday it had halted shipments of some video

:cameras after finding they could be used for filming more of their subjects

:than meets the eye. Some versions of the Handycam have infrared

:technology which lets users shoot at night or in darkness in a Ònight shotÓ

:mode. But magazine reports revealed that when the special feature is used

:in daylight or a lighted room with a special filter, it can Òsee throughÓ


: UNDERWEAR CAN SHOW up, especially on those lightly dressed, and people

:wearing swimsuits look almost naked.




Yup. I worked at a photofinishing plant for 14 years, and we used active

infared goggles in the film darkrooms. White pants were practically

invisible; it's alarming the first time you see it. There was one girl who

knew it and would sometimes wear white pants, a white shirt and no

underwear, just to mess with the guys. The view in these things is

monochrome green-and-white, but basically it's like looking at somebody



Also, people do funny things when they think no one can see them.


This one guy, every time he talked to his supervisor in the dark, he would

be giving the super the finger the whole time they were talking. The super

thought it was so funny that he didn't have the heart to bust him out.

Never told him he knew.


Believe it or not, no one ever got caught wanking in the dark. At least,

not that I heard.




Go slowly all the way round the outside