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Subject: Technomancer Excerpt

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Author's Note: This little speech popped into my head while I was

packing, so I thought I would jot it down to tide you over. I've got

3 books in mind for the Technomancer series. In the third book,

Timothy is befriended by a dragon named Elton Vanderhoff. I got tired

of cryptic, mysterious dragons in literature, so Elton is an OBVIOUS

dragon. He doesn't mind explaining the nature of the Universe and

he'll pontificate for hours at the drop of a hat. (Much like his

Creator.) In this excerpt, Elton is telling a little story about the

time before he came to Earth.


"In my 30th year, I was bound to a Wizard in Alvir-Taroth. I don't

remember his name. I was just a tadpole at 30, so he kept me chained

in his dungeon. They threw me scraps of meat every now and then and

they tried to feed me prisoners, but most of the time, I just lived on



"Every few days, they would let me out and take me to the courtyard,

so the Master could show me off. Every morning, they would bring in a

batch of new slaves to kneel before the Wizard. Most of the time,

this was uneventful. But every so often, one of them would refuse to

kneel. Not many. I would say about one in a hundred.


"All the others would bow down and there would be one lone figure in

the middle of the pack, standing there like a King, staring the Wizard

in the eye. Those men were cut down instantly, of course. The Wizard

created a fresh martyr once a month.


"Most men would call that heroic. To die on your feet rather than

fall to your knees before another man. Maybe that was the best option

for some. Quick death was more appealing to them than slavery. But

as King, those aren't the ones you have to worry about.


"The ones who grumble and complain. The ones who get whipped every

now and then for minor infractions. Those are the true slaves. They

talk and talk about freedom. They push the boundaries of the prison

to show the other prisoners how free they are. Those men are harmless

pups. Spiteful children who know their place.


"But the ones who drop to their knees first. The ones who shout the

loudest praises to the King -- the ones who kneel and scrape and never

give one word of offense -- the ones who stand there calmly as you

crack the whip and never give one word of complaint... The Wizard

thought of them as his best slaves, but I knew better.


"Men who bow meekly in the face of impossible odds -- men who smile

just a little when the barb rips into their backs -- men who are just

a little too quick to drop to their knees...those men aren't slaves at

all. Those are free men -- waiting."





"Great men do not make history and history does not make

great men. Great men invent themselves in response to

extreme situations." -- MBD^2