Subject: [NCBD] Censored Erotica

Date: 14 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT



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It was lying beside me, verbing quietly. I could hear its steady

breathing and the soft sounds of its verbing. I began to get

adjective, so I turned to it and put my body part around it. It

looked deep into my body part and verbed me with its body part.

I began to verb and to verb its body part with mine. It

moaned and said, "I emotion it when you verb me like that."


There was the sound of its adjective body part rubbing against

my body part and the slow rhythm of our verbing each other. It was

adverbly verbing me and I began to verb. I saw its color body part and

grew more and more emotioned. I knew I would soon verb. My skin verbed

with excitement, and I felt tiny nouns shooting up and down my body

part. I said, "Faster, faster my endearment, I'm going to verb! Yes,

I'm Verbing, I'm VERBING! VERB me! VERB me! Oh endearment, you are the

SUPERLATIVE! I emotion you."


We lay together in silence, and then got up and ate three entire

packets of nouns.


-"Censored Erotica" Janice Perry



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