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Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 11:14:02 GMT

From: (Chieupetto)

Organization: benissimo per tutti

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"Soozy" <> wrote:


>only think Matt ?



>Luv 'n' hugs



PHARISEE! Yea Verily indeed art thou a PHARISEE o daughter of Sin

and dabbler in the Foul and Profane BLAck ARTS of the Great

Deceiver!!! !!!YEA!! sister of the scab-infested daemons of the

NETHERWORLD and FORNICATOR with incubi and succubi of SICK, MOTTLED

and disgustingly pigmented complexion!! - YEA!

Mock the messengers if you will, but mock not the MESSAGE! For the

day is coming when all the skin-care counters in all the department

stores in all the world shall be laid bare of the ointments of Christ,

and shall provide only the false bottles of Satans glop and the

bright, shiny makeup of the Whore of Babylon!! YEA, o sister of SATAN

and copulator with revoltingly diabolic creatures of putrid appearence

and HORRID, unspeakable practice. YEA, o whore of the foul nest of

Evil Incarnate, YEA VERILY shall it come to pass.

These counters shall be staffed by perverts and harlots and the worst

servants of evil. These shameless clerks shall have their great,

wobbling hairy private parts on display for all to see, and they will

hawk their deceptive product with loud, mounting excitement in their

voices! The day is also coming soon, when Jesus shall return in

triumph, and like the moneychangers before the Temple, he shall enter

into the department stores, and overturn their counters of

wickedness, and send a great pouring of fire from the heavens

to singe the hair on the clerks and melt and spoil their wicked oils!

HALLELULIA!!! Yes HALLELULIA sister, for verily on THAT DAY shall

the LORD look into your eyes, sister!!! YEA!!!

Beware, sister, Beware! For on that day, shalt thou stand in

judgement YEA! All the used bottles and tubes and jars of all thy

past usage shall be laid before thee sister, verily! WOE BE UNTO YOU


AMONG THEM! WOE be unto you, if instead the bottles of iniquity are

in their place, and the tubes are covered with the foul fish-smelling

slime of the Whore! For God the FATHER will become very red in the

face, and he shall shout at you angrily, and poke you hard in the

chest with his finger, and poke you again only harder, and take off

his belt, then turn you over his knee and whallop your buttocks until

they are as red as the scarlet rouge smeared across your scabby,

blasphemous cheeks! Then Christ the Son will come and decry you, and

insult you, and point you out, and harangue the Pure and Blessed

Angels of the Everlasting Rapture against you! Yea, and The Holy

Ghost will sit on your chest and yell loudly and Righteously into your

face, then scrub off your makeup with ice-cold camel urine and the

Righteous scrubbing-brush of the harsh and cleansing reeds of Moses

own blissed and Blessed BASKET!, to reveal to all your scabby,

pus-riddled, blemished and acne-scarred face. And The Cheribum of

those aborted innocents killed by Lucifer's abortionists to provide

protein for the Devil's skin-care product line shall stick a rusty

coat-hanger up your bottom, and wiggle it around furiously. Then God

shall come stomping back with heavy feet, and pick you up by the ear,

and banish you forever to your room in Hell for all eternity! YOU


will..we good, clean wholesome Christian folk will be chuckling and

snickering and smirking and tittering and dancing around in joy! YEA!

We will be chortling and grimacing and hugging ourselves and patting

each other on the back and congratulating each other for having lived

our lives in the pure and bright and wonderfully penetrating essence

of Jesus's Love, and for using the right cleaner of our sins: the

pearly ointment of Christ's forgiveness.

YEA sister, VERILY is it written!

Savior Skin Before its Too Late!



Chieupetto Gonzales


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