Subject: The law of the West

Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 07:08:28 -0400

From: "William Price" <>

Organization: Wood County Internet Council

Newsgroups: alt.slack


these ignorant scum are being protected now that they are stopped from

killing each other.

sure theyd take some of us but the herd needs to self cull

thats what the old west was about

see with the advent of law in the west

Slower po'bucks, while prevented from hurting others

also were prevented from killing each other

which of course leaves us where we are now.


I say

because those cheap donkeyfuckers breed with ANYTHING (find it fuck it

forget it wham bam thankkee M'AAM)

and in the haste of passion never use protection.

They are proliferating


trash knows no skin color

trash can become not trash

same as muties y pinks



so anyways the joiks breeds and fucks fucks and breeds and the idiot strains





because "i don't have to sign anything, I say...ANYTHING! READ THE DAMNABLE