Subject: Another reply you dont need to read

Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 06:15:08 -0400

From: "William Price" <>

Organization: Wood County Internet Council

Newsgroups: alt.slack



From: Rev. Magdalen <>

Subject: Big Brother is Watching Us... right now!

Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 9:36 PM


The authorities of the Cambridge area have come to the conclusion that

we are a hate group, and they have combed through not only the official

SubG site, but also all the Holocaustal sites, and everyone else's sites

too. So far they have found what they consider to be an extreme amount

of "hate-filled propaganda". They do not think any of it is funny. It

is believed, but not confirmed that they are also currently monitoring

alt.slack. So: Dude, everybody act cool; the cops are here, man. Just

let us do the talking, we're more sober than you. Everybody hide yer

pipes, get yer clothes back on, and turn that music down fer chrissake!




I PERSONALLY will attest that the church of the subgenius is nothing but

upstanding citizens. I was just down at the "yeti-american social club"

where they bribe er talked me into giving them this I mean


I'm paid


listen you b(CEN-CORED BY THE NETNANNY)Tards. Where were you when I was

getting my ass kicked in high school? You were laughing at the jock down the

block because it was funny that he stuck sticks up another kids aresssle.

Now shut up and leave the subs alone before marylkin mansons tells allun us

what to kill.

Thats a joke, son. You don't dont dont get it either because You don'tnone

of you understand

what the fuck it means for something to be so horrible that LAUGHING IS THE


If you don't understand the humor THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU>

hate is not something I employe or I would have killed LONG ago

however I feel it often

It gets me angry

but I vent.

I am a subgenius, and you know what? We a re all different. I dont hate

humans or what ever but I REALLY, REALLY,REALLY resent IGNORANCE, the bane

of all Subgenius, Humans , Subraces of the above two groups, whatever.

i supoort the WHOLESALE EDUCATION of the Populace.




atten subs. PS this is why I always warn ye about making the hate jokes for

weeks an weeks an years. Duh.;