Subject: Passing on another tidbit

Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 21:22:25 -0700

From: David Tanstaafl <>

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Dwight Duke wrote:


> I saw this posted to one of the boards, and thought I would

> pass it around.


> Richard


> >(sigh)

> >

> >Another statistically insignificant schoolhouse shooting, and yet another

> >media frenzy about <wringing hands & sobbing> what to do about this

> >Culture of Death...

> >

> >A few observations:

> >

> >(1) We could go a fair ways down the street of stopping this nonsense if

> >we just passed a law that said, "No media reporting of school shootings."

> >Think about it; no Dan Rather, no Dateline specials, no endless coverage

> >- in short, no posthumous blaze of glory for the shooters...

> >

> >(2) When I went to High School, virtually every male student had a deer

> >rifle and a shotgun, yet school shootings were absolutely and

> >unequivocally unheard of. In other words, the guns have always been

> >there, and school shootings are something new. Thus, it ain't the guns

> >that are causing it.

> >

> >(3) Another good law would be one that stated that any parents who

> >raised a little murderin' Nazi freak have to eat (raw, and no ketchup...)

> >the corpses of any and all innocent people their youthful Heydrich kills.

> >After witnessing a few such "meals," I submit that parents would take a

> >greater interest in their children's activities...

> >

> >(4) The entertainment/media industry has been allowed to have their cake

> >and eat it too for far too long. On the one hand, they are telling us

> >that images and sounds are *powerful* inducements to human behavior -

> >when advertising is the subject. On the other hand, they are telling us

> >that images and sounds are *negligible* inducements to human behavior -

> >when violence in media causing violence in society is the subject. I

> >think we need to offer them a valid choice here; lose the ad revenues, or

> >get the sadism off the screen. They can pick...

> >

> >(5) Is it long past time to stop referring to children as though they

> >were of any consequence? It strikes me that all this blather about "you

> >are the hope of the future" is nothing more than an invitation to the

> >sort of narcissism which holds that a slight to one's ego is worth a hail

> >of shotgun pellets. Let's tell children the truth; you're nothing more

> >than utterly replaceable replacement people (in a world overpopulated

> >already...) who will probably contribute nothing to a world which won't

> >even break wind if you come to a messy end - so deal with it.

> >

> >--

> >Scott K. Stafford

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> Slippery Slim

> "Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing

> for those that didn't"


I particularly liked #5.

Rev. Moxie