Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 06:40:35 GMT



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A Rant-Philosophica from a Midnight Caffiene addict:


It would seem that Chaos being used as a weapon is a double edged sword. In

the case of our esteemed President, he thought by sowing doubt and chaos, he

could remain untouched. Instead, the blade swung the other way, and now he is

feeling the bite of it. The Reverand Ivan Stang said in the intro to the "Big

Book of Conspiracies"(highly recommended to those who like a graphic novel

with KICK) that we are all part of The Conspiracy, in one way or another, but

due to the fact the (I hope) we are not all Pink-Boy puppets, we can even

confuse the Conspiracy that tries to confuse us.


It has been proven that truly expert manipulation of the masses is not done

by causing GREAT things to occur, but rather a large number of SMALL events

in succession, I.E. a little bit here, a little bit there, to cause the

Conspiracy to work. I think we all need a little Chaos in our lives, J.R.

"Bob" Dobbs thought(thinks) so, and a whole quasi-religious ideal was formed

around the power of Eris and her Golden Apple (see Principia Discordia). By

feeding back the mass of confusion the "normal" world feeds us, tax forms,

beer commercials, red tape, Furby, Baywatch, etc. (ad nauseum), we can surely

short circuit the Conspiracies hold, and let the hidden Subgenii, the latent

Chaos warriors, and all those pissed off masses yearning to be free, see what

is behind the curtain, although, Dobbs help us... we might just want to torch

the curtain, just to be safe!


So, feed the Chaos back to em' whatever way you can. They do it to you, so why

not return the favor, eh?


Thanks for listening, I am going back now to freebase chocolate covered

expresso beans.






"When I'm good, I'm good, when I'm bad, I'm better!"