Subject: Re: Lemmy needs AVERSION (or Into the Breech WITH SCIENCE)

Date: 28 Jun 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: TheCharlie <>

Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free, alt.slack

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MegaLiz wrote:


> Any additional aversion suggestions are, naturally, welcome:


> 4. Play whale sounds on the pubic bone.


I wonder how you do that.. do your hips have stereo jacks built in?

If so, ... no.. never mind. I won't go there..


> 5. Put a bag of frozen peas on the back of the baby's head, then

> apply a flashlight and some nice music to the vagina.


More music for the genitals .. I wonder where this comes from?

I wonder if they sell the CD's. I'll have to start checking the

infomercials for this.


The frozen peas might have worked if you lived in a colder climate.. say.. the

North pole. You could cut a hole in the ice, put the frozen peas aroud the hole

and then just wait. When Lemmy comes out to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole.

(ba DUM bum This is why I don't do 2 shows a night..)


> This has a certain appeal.

> 9. Play headbanger music at the TOP of the uterus.


It just sounds like Lemmy doesn't LIKE to be upside down. Maybe YOU should turn

upside down for the duration. This would certainly piss him off and he'll either

have to turn again or just break his lease and move out.


> 12. Medical version includes MUSCLE RELAXANTS.

> I like this one the best. Dope and grope is the best hope.


Sig fodder...




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