Subject: Re: last br549zen spaghetti for you "slack" wierdos/what do you think ANY chicks doing this looklike/get out in the field!

Date: 04 Apr 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (John Blackmer)

Organization: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Newsgroups: alt.slack

References: 1 wrote:

: i think alt.slack is a horrible waste of time for y'all. it seems like

: some kind of nerd-world fake cult of some kind. that's a fairly fairy

: thing don't you think?


: bear in mind, i have not broadcasted my real name that i know of, but i

: understand it wouldn't be very hard to find me. i guess it just doesn't

: matter to me that i disrespect alt.slack or what anyone that reads this

: thinks of my opinion of alt.slack.


: i disrespect whatever i want. like Tarla seems like a dried up old ugly

: hag of some kind or something. she's gross. paulhinr@nando is a

: sissy-boy+1/2 guppy follower also. froggy is too eager to please (his

: self-esteem must be low) and entirely unethical. when he stole my art he

: really thought i was insane and losing my mind and he thought y'all would

: like to spectate that. his punishment is being him i reckon unless he

: winds up before me. grantland a dweeb. kid ginsu (see froggy w/o the

: unethicalness).


: the rest of you are acceptable but i don't like lynch and sort of like

: blackmer the best but he's probably HCE himself.


: i don't know. i don't care.


: see, the personalities are horrible. even if some of them are cartoons

: they're just not my idea of fun.


: actually, the whole newsgroup thing. it was sort of neat for a little

: while. i'm tired of it after 3 mos.


: relax y'all, i didn't place you under a spell. there will be no further

: debriefing.


: if i forgot to formally disrepect you and you want me to mail me at

: your error is most likely being such a guppy

: follower.


: for rob-not-bob: you know what? i like the feakin' mentos commercials

: better than the foo-fighters video.


: i sincerely believe my posts/style is the best the usenet has seen

: (except possibly blackmer). i admit lynch gets spooky prolific.


: so f**k yourselves you ugly geek big-time-white-boy-pansy yankee

: spaghetti-eatin' niggers,

: br549zen


I think what is happening here is that all the () people are learning how

to read each other's minds. I read that you wrote this right after I just

wrote the same thing. PLUS Nickie wrote that I was reading her mind by

posting something that was just about to what she was going to posting

anyway. THEN Megeliz said the same thing that Nicky said on a different

topic in a different place, thus I was reading her mind, she was reading

my mind, Megeliz and Nickie were reading each other's minds by posting

the exact same thing in different places addressed to the same person.

Plus you and I were reading each others' minds, then I noticed all of

this which made it into a conspiracy where all of you guys were reading

each others' minds behind my back, but I was also reading your minds in

front of your back, PLUS people on four out of the five newsgroups I

frequent have claimed to be John Blackmer in the past month, which means

that THEY were all reading each others' minds also. Maybe it's some kind

of Disharmonic Convergence or bullshit like that, but I doubt it because

the ones on alt.gothic and rec.birds were complete wankers of other

people's feces who just wanted a piece of a dick to call their own. And

I'm not inviting them to MY Harmonica concert. Fuck that shit, they can

hire their own aliens.


More on people. Sphinx kicks ass from sheer chutzpah and machismo. I

think he is most likely Sgt Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be if he

also fucked pigs and freebased napalm. Rob (Not Bob) is officially King

of All Slack, not that I could stand to be in a small room with him for

more than five seconds without breaking the kneecaps of his wife and

children. It kind of sneaks up on you really. Mostly he annoys the crap

out of you and you think he's pink as all hell, but every now and then he

does something that makes you laugh your head off and makes the whole

universe full of wonderfullness for about 2 days. It takes about 6

months, but is still worth it. (aside to Rob: I ()'d to get myself a

passport so I don't have enough for postage to send you the leaf, but it

is sitting in my room waiting to be posted as soon as I get the money.

There was only one leaf on the whole tree and I snagged it, it is being

kept safe and warm awaiting the time when I can afford to mail it.) This

fruitbat guy is beginning to show promise, although his name makes me

want to hurt him severely. Megeliz e-v-e-r-y once in a while does one of

the really good ones, she is very QPM deep down I think, but mostly

doesn't show it and likes tarla. Aprilfish was good if feminist, Sven

Serrano is made out of Thailand, Nickie has some serious snits but I

think in real life she is maybe !!! because Monster Magnet and other

reasons. Dynasor used to be good, I don't know what in god's laundry

happened. Maybe he's gettin' old. Stang of course (mostly). NENSLO again

used to, when he was gettin' paid, but nowadays just shoots the shit like

some dumbass. Iceknife when he is not attached to your ass with giant

wolverine teeth. GGG when he talks about books and movies has excellent

taste, but fuck this smug swaggering bull-diarrhea. Lynch got way out of

hand with the Alan Keyes thing which was mostly a bore but I liked when

you sent him those death threats.


There should be more legal action,

scientologist baiting, farting in the faces of REAL policemen while being

filmed on the evening news etc on this FUCKING newsgroup.


This FUCKING newsgroup should always be referred to as such. Amen.




P.S. Everyone between 25 and 75 should be SHOT. They are the man who

knew too much.