Subject: ABG: How to pick up chicks

Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 00:16:08

From: "Space Cowboy" <>

Organization:Verio Gulfsouth

Newsgroups: alt.basement.graveyard



This is from the 'South China Morning Post':


"Barry Brinksman is an ingenious but evil man", prosecutor Steven Ipsen

told a Los Angeles court. "He claimed to be an alien being, recruiting

for a utopian, matriarchal planet in a distant galaxy, when he was in

fact a fat, bald, onearmed bespectacled pervert, living in the Tropicana

Hotel in Las Vegas and seducing adolescent girls.


Ipsen outlined how Brinksman, 59, had committed numerous sexual offenses

during the summer of 1990: "He told the girls that he came from Clabell,

an all Caucasian planet run by a Queen ClickClack, and that his spaceship

was parked at Lake Tahoe, not far from San Francisco. He said that on

Clabell everyone lived by free will, and that sexual intercourse was

mental, not physical. But, before they could visit his planet, the girls

first had to lower their 'subconcious intelligence barriers', so they

would be less concerned with Earthly morality. And they could only do

this by drinking Cabellian Ambrosia (Chivas Regal served from Tupperware

mugs) and playing strip poker with him. He also told the girls that the

other problem about travelling to Clabell was that they could get

diseases from intergalactic space travel. The only way to build up their

immunity was to have sex with him, so they could receive IREs (the

antibodies needed to counter the diseases). They had to have an IRE

level of 100 before they could safely travel through space, and that

would take months of sex."


The trial ended with Brinksman receiving a 20year jail sentence. One of

his victims, now aged 18, admitted afterwards, "I don't feel like I was

the smartest of people for going along with it".


-- The Space Cowboy