Subject: Re: SubGenii vs. The Church of the SubGenius

Date: 12 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (John Blackmer)

Organization: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Newsgroups: alt.slack

References: 1 , 2


Andrew Matthews ( wrote:


: In a previous article, (TarlaStar) says:


: First off, Nickeroo, when the FUCK did this become the Church of the

: SubNickie? I'll simply say that I'm a little bit disgusted at how you

: think you're the hottest shit since sliced bread simply because you're

: dating a member of the hierarchy. I'll leave others to nod yes or no

: silently in their own minds.


Oh NO! Miss thing is getting all "full of herself"! I better get in a

jealous snit about it!


: When you start chewing out others simply because they don't follow your

: ideal of what you think is behind "Bob"'s word, you're simply acting at

: the same level as programmed zombie, crying "Pink" at the first sign of

: someone *gasp* disagreeing with you.




were a REAL MAN, you would agree with me! Nickie is a better preacher

than you, therefore she is automatically RIGHT and automatically WINS, no

matter how *filthy* her sins(tm) are! It's the revival of trial by

ordeal/combat in the modern forum! Trial by precedent MUST DIE!

Besides, you used the word

"others" in a serious context, which means you are EVIL! "Oh no, reverend

nickie is posing a threat to the character armor of others! Nurse, fetch

the thorazine! Oh, no, Doktor Legume causes others to be upset! Oh no, a

mean guy! Oh no, a great furry Yeti in my living room!" MEAN PEOPLE KICK

ASS! REAL people pose a threat to the security of others by there very

STENCH, so do your bitching to your momma, and maybe a tit will fall on

you from the sky.


: Now onto Tarlastar...

: >It is my opinion that alt.slack is not so much the newsgroup of the

: >Church of the SubGenius (even though Stang has stated it thusly) as it

: >is the newsgroup of Subgenii.


: I can see it as both... I personally see alt.slack as a public forum for

: discussions with the overall viewpoint of SubGeniusdom. Non-members can

OH NO! It's the overall viewpoint of SubGeniusdom! Run while you still

can, before we become NeoTech! Or better yet, take up arms and CAST OUT

THE FALSE PROPHETS, you namby-pamby pantywaist buttsuckers! The TRUE

biggest problem with this newsgroup is that when someone such as

iceknife, nenslo, nickie, legume etc attempts to do some launchin',

everybody starts bitchin'! FACE IT, the goodguy badges of "nice" and

"mean" are totally irrelevant next to the TRUE chariot of "kickass" or

"lameass"! Get off your high horses, quit your armchair rationalism, take

up your SWORDS, and FOLLOW ME! The Snurgs await! Or if you're too lazy to

go to Paskastedaskotrakitchetoon, AT LEAST (no, okay chill, they're not

ready to hear that part yet, it's okay, no sense blowing people's minds

when they don't want it, they'll only retreat further, chill man, chill. Ok.)


: >I have not seen the angry ravings of SubGenii across the world raging

: >at the denizens of alt.slack for subverting the word of Dobbs. I

: >suppose the only way one COULD would be if there were a letters column

: >in the mythical Stark Fist.


: I've stopped condemning people for not agreeing with my interpretation

: of Dobbs' word. At that point, I realised that that was the POINT of the

: whole thing, IMO, that we each take what we want from it, derive our own

: personal form of slack which will differ for each person. If we were to

: ever become structured and orthodox about our belief in Dobbs, then I think

: that would destroy the whole purpose of the Church.


Folks, this is a very true statement, but it is used to connote its

antithesis. Notice that she has been repeating this same dogma from the

beginning, this anti-dogma dogma, and it is getting LAME AND BORING,

which does more to subvert the purpose of the church than any

antellectual lifeless theorem she may propose ad nauseam. Now who wants

to go to Canada and see some REALLY COOL SHIT in Paskasketoon?




P.S. All those who dump PINK SMARM in my sainted grammaw's newsgroup

shall be henceforth referred to as "Carla". People cannot help being

possessed by devils and bank tellers.


P.P.S. CARLA! Get the FUCK out of alt.slack, you little shit!