Subject: Conspiracy Magic

Date: 16 Nov 1998 17:56:54 GMT

From: Modemac <>

Organization: First Online Church of "Bob"

Newsgroups: alt.slack



Have you seen those ridiculous "Magic Happens" signs Visa is plastering

all over the place? Oh yes, it's magic all right: the type of magic that

the Con loves. It's a lottery, designed to make you want to use your

credit card more often and put yourself deeper in debt, on the off chance

that you might not have to pay for one of those purchases.


Visa, in its eternal generosity, has set up a system where each day until

the end of the year, for *one single second* of the day, any Visa

purchases made at that single second will not be charged and anyone making

a purchase at that single second gets it for free. (The exact second of

the day is generated randomly, allegedly.) Isn't that great? One second

out of a twenty-four hour day -- that means your chances of winning are

only one in 86,400! Doesn't that just make you want to run right out and

SPEND MONEY with your Visa card?


As Doug Henning says: "It's MAGIC!"


Brought to you by the Conspiracy.



Reverend Modemac (

First Online Church of ?