Subject: Dad's "Slack New Year" Blowout Extravaganza!

Date: 02 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Michael Townsend)

Organization: Dad's New Slacks

Newsgroups: alt.slack



I don't know if Bevilaqua's Slack Crusades will ever venture north of

Boston, but I want to be ready. In fact, I've been priming Portland,

Maine for the arrival of X-Day ever since I started playing SubGenius

tapes on WMPG in 1986 (we've been regularly broadcasting the Hour of Slack

since '89). Now, with the Church moving into high gear this year, what

better time to rub the city's complacent faces in it, eh?


But first, a little background:


Portland's population is around 63,000, making it Maine's largest city

(impressed?). To prove we're the state's business and culture capital,

since 1979 (that magical year) we've been putting on a semi-unique

citywide New Years event named, unimaginately enough, "New Years

Portland." It's where tens of thousands of people shuffle up and down the

main street downtown -- many of them wearing admission badges that get

them into dozens of cultural and entertainment events at different venues

-- then all gather at the big square at midnight for fireworks and gleeful



It's basically an anti-alcohol campaign, since you're not allowed to pop

champagne and pour it down your face in public, and the cops don't exactly

look the other way, either. So the more people they can attract to the

thing, the fewer will be getting shitfaced at the stroke of twelve. No,

they'll be getting shitfaced at the stroke of 1, but nevertheless,

Portland's always thought it had a great thing going here.


This year, WMPG in its blessed in-your-face spirit decided it would put on

some free events on its own, which could either supplement the paid

professional performances or be an alterternative to them or be

experienced however you damn well pleased -- and among them was the idea

of "A Slack New Year" where Dave (who airs the Hour Of Slack and his own

sound-mix-collage show called "Promoted To Glory" on alternate Mondays)

and I would collaborate, live and out in the open (12-degree) air right in

the middle of the action, from 10 to 11:30 pm. And, as was promised in

incessant radio promos and even major newspaper publicity, it would all be

done in the sacred name of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.


Most amazing of all, it was a total success. We decorated Congress Square

with dot-perfect Dobbsheads (Dave got several volunteers to put up big

bitmapped Dobbheads advertising the event a couple of days earlier) and

"The SubGenius Must Have SLACK!" posters. And we scared the normals

relentlessly -- just think how many of them passed by and were exposed to

the unearthly Xist sounds and sick video images we were projecting (clips

from Arise, the Danish thing, The Balloon Man, Reboot, all kinds of shit,

including that fantastic Japansese cypherphunk classic, Iron Man!) I was

mixing a cassette deck, CD deck, sampler and old analog Polymoog, and Dave

ran around and played with percussion, microphones, bass, a Sound Gizmo

and some discs. Since we didn't have any Professional Subgenius

Preachers* on hand, we had to use volunteers from the audience who read

from the pile of free literature I xeroxed up the day before. We also had

a guy with a saxophone jam with us for a while.


In the final half-hour, our engineer Phil complained of frostbite fingers,

and mine were pretty numb too...despite my Dickensian knit gloves with the

fingertips cut off [Hip Pete, Dode, somebody, is there a name for those

things?] Yet Dave's fingers were somehow popping great bass lines while

his friend with the long red ringlets gave an insane feminized reading of

the original "Brag" and Phil twisted her voice through his gates and

harmonizers and pitch shifters...


It was a beautiful thang. Yeah, we definitely "rang" in the New Year,

what with all the feedback and ultrahigh frequencies and heavy harmonics

reverbing off of the Museum of Art building across the street.


The whole thing was supposed to be broadcast live, but it turned out we

didn't have a live line to the site after all. So it was recorded on DAT

and I played it the next night (last night) on my show. I also aired Hour

Of Slack #375, which has a lot of segments from a wild New Years Eve

Devival in Dallas (1993) with *Professional Subgenius Preachers (you know,

the ones who get PAID to preach to the converted) including Stang, Sterno,

Susie The Floozie and Sister Mary Squared in one of her most erotic

performances on tape (much of it unfortunately left on the cutting room



Well it felt good, let me tell you, to spread so much Slack to so many

unsuspecting normals in so compressed and compelling a time frame. Yes!

A great start to 2BX!








D A D ' S N E W S L A C K S

tapexchange (send one, get one): PO Box 4272, Portland ME 04101 USA