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>Wuicnae saawdo diwcng jkibp

>eee ite fol epo


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>>>> Round well Function


>>>> When my girl is feeling fine

>>>> Stretched out on her bed of pine

>>>> I lay me down to gently dine

>>>> On her rosy round well function


>>>> The ancients had it squarely wrong

>>>> When they equated taste with pong

>>>> 'Smells like rose - don't get me wrong

>>>> Her juicy round well function


>>>> Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

>>>> Poor Douchez has lost his dick

>>>> How sad he looks - cut to the quick

>>>> He's causing quite a rumption


>>>> "A razor blade" he quietly moans

>>>> While the frantic neighbour phones

>>>> "The girl with melons shaped like cones"

>>>> And the priest gives final unction


>>>> "How it got there I don't know -

>>>> yadda yaddayadaa

>>>> yadda

>>>> her tricky roundwell function


>>>> Grantland


>>>So you *can* do the meter / rhyme / pattern thing. Cool!


>> You're also a hoot. That took about two minutes.


>And it shows. I asked for iambic pentameter. That's FIVE metric feet

>in a line. I didn't specify a rhyme scheme, so you can leave that as

>your choice, just include one, is all I ask. Subject matter? Hell, I

>don't care, you can use the weather, women, wine or whatever.


The weather grows quite warm this time of year,

The women in the fields are filled with song,

The men are chuckling quiet and drinking beer,

The air grows heavy and the smells are strong.


O Africa my homeland do you hear,

What rough untam-ed beast thou truly art,

O rawest rage and elemental fear,

O softly now, be still my aching heart.


3 minutes.