Subject: Jehovah-1" | "wielded by Nhee Ghee" |

Date: 06 Feb 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: "König Preuße, GmbH" <>

Organization: Lou Minotti & the Clamsauce Enema Band

Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free




// "Imparted to Dr. Armand Gideon, 1st Church of "Bob," Scientist and

// further wrangled by Rev. Ivan Stang, 1st MegaFisTemple Lodge."

// found at SubSite, converted to dada-engine format by mitch, 25-1-96


spout: one " " two " " three " " four ;



"The awesome power" | "The unspeakable PeE-Gospel" |

"The mind-blasting prophecy" | "The cosmic joke" |

"Any Xist intervention with the Conspiracy" | "The demonic UFO fleet" |

"Any fragments of the Truth" |

"The concept of \"Slack\"" |

"The absolute stupidity" |

"The entity called \"Bob\""




"of Jehovah-1" | "wielded by Nhee Ghee" |

"claimed by \"Pink Boys\"" | "masquerading as a manifestation of sexhurt" |

"possessed by The Fightin' Jesus" | "used to control the earth" |

"of a million False Prophets" | "known to Emergentiles and Rewardians alike" |

"in the bowels of the Aesir" | "seen once a Millenium"




"can perhaps be" | "must without question be" |

"can be \"sold\" to humanity if it is" |

"evolves until it is manipulated by the Con and can alter your soul so that you are yet" |


"cannot possibly ever be" |

"fucks that which can be, figuratively, 'smoked in \"Bob's\" Pipe' until it is" |

"is cursed to be eternally" | "was implanted in our minds only to be" |

"could have triumphed had it not been" |

"is 'of \"Bob\"' only if it is"




"grossly underestimated and over-priced." |

"part of the Conspiracy." |

"of utmost concern to the fate of the planet." |

"put out of its misery." |

"examined and exorcised from this so-called 'reality.'" |

"driven into the ground." |

"recreated purely by 'chance,' thenceforth probably to be eaten by rats in Hell." |

"discounted as hallucination." |

"diagnosed by \"DoktorS.\"" |

"loved, yet judged and found wanting, by \"Bob.\""