Subject: i'm scared

Date: 19 Jun 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (saint bubba)

Organization: Nova Scotia Technology Network

Newsgroups: alt.slack



earlier this morning my wife got in her new distibution catalogue from

samuel weiser, an occult/new age book press....and i'm scared out of

my damn wits. now, i've always understood that a lot of new age

material is utter shit...cute

bunnies-and-white-light-fesbian-lemonist-save the whales pap. i KNOW


with each quarteryly catalogue, my wife gets copies of the new books

about to be released by samual weiser, and while this quarter's crop

had some gems of esoteric thot, like: the rosicrucians, the history,

mythology, and rituals of an occult order...or avalon: the final

mysteries of king arthur..there are in this batch a few that seem to

radiate PURE EVIL. pure monetarily induced wool-pulling self-help

pop-psychology drivel. like: DRIVING TO NIRVANA: a woman'spath for

driviers without cellular phones....orthe redemption of the feminine

erotic soul by dr. rachel hillier.....a nice jungian approach to

sex....and this scares me....this is the new paganism.."the witch's

qabala" writted by the high priestess of the isian traditions

and3looks all sooper-dooper spiffy with her long white robe and big

happy smile <TM> with her PENTACLE necklace and WHITE ATHAME...FUCK!

there is a new breed of festering evil in this evil

malignant tith butterfies and angel spirtguide psychick self

defenstration network love sweet happy go us all into the killing

fields ofthe slack vampires and soul sucking....WICCACHIX.


before we moved to the country my wife ran a new age shoppe..and

though some of her customers and subsequent friends were true crackpot manwoman..i dont know if everyone here has read

modern primives by re/search press, although im almost certain most

have, but manwoman is a true enlightened individual beyond his eerie

love of the color yellow...but many of her customers that would come

in while i would be behind the counter were the aforementioned evil

blights on the aether..the wiccachix...the ones that buy everything

written by my forebear uncle al crowley, the wittch's bible by diane

fortune wearing black lace and babypowder on their faces and long

fucking fingernail oh look at me im such a waif how much is that tarot

deck in the window incence and peppermint happy karma save the

rainforests and iced cappucino clonebot wiccachix.


i respect fundementalist xtians for their intolerant hate/purge/kill

all others attitudes...they're FUN! i respect the poor deluded

jehovahs witlesses wth their inspired apocalyptic art and hazy glazed

countenances..they are plush-chew-toys sent by the elder gods for y

personal amusement.....i even like the catholics with their

cannabalistic practices and urine stained holy water exorcisms...


but what daemon out of the protopygmaliaon depths of a THOUSAND hells

worse than even the lowest circles reserved for an>oying reformed

smokers with an axe to grind and traffic cops...what beligerent force

of DOOM gave unto us the lost tribe of satan's loins.....the

wiccachix? and if that is a mere taste of his/her/it's evil

intentions...could even "bob" stop it??


now i can fully understand what books like "psychological commentaries

on the teaching§of gurdjieff and ouspensky, vols 1-6" could have in

way f entertainment value...hell, i thot beelzebub's tales to his

grandson was a riot......but where on the intelligence spectrum would

you place "the modern witch's book of love spells, incantations,

incences and potions"???


all the happy happy happy platitudes of a boring merehume existence

augmented by happy happy images of fey folk <who of course never

represent the unseelie courts> and guardian angels slumming from

heaven to elp some poor fat housewife in trailer park arkansas by

resuing herEyappy french poodle muffy from the big mean cat down the

road look its the virgin mother mary in the rings of this here old 165

year-old oak tree stump we cut down so that we could get direct

sunlioght on the bouganvelliahs and our herb garden full of nice safe

plants that contain no alkaloidal presence that might make us soned or

at lest make us AWARE of ourselves and have to face the fucking fact

that this ball of shit called earth is populated by evil corpo-nazis

and missionaries from the slums and skid rows of the sin galaxies and

we are all just DOG FOOD for the industrial waste machine but that's

*O*K*!!!! i contacted grannie on the ouija board and it co-incided

with what mystick portents i read in my deck of thoth tarot cards and

i just made fresh lemonade and tofu-burghers on the hibatchi and i

love the world praise gaia praiseisis praise diana mistress of the

hunt i can recite the ENTIRE enochian summoning ritual by heart and

can summon sallos the day spirit of the goetia #19 who doth appear as

a mighty duke in the form of a gallant soldier and causeth the love of

women and men and isnt really an INFERNAL spirit only misunderstood

and his mean brother paimon wont be able to harm me cause im chockful

of sweetness and angelic saccharine diseased light in my soul because

in my past life i was attila the hun and im paying off my karma by

doing GOOD things for ignorant small stupid mammals like squirells and

butterflies and save the fucking whales!


it makes me want to adopt ICEKNIFE and lock them ina room with him for

5 minutes with a blow torch and black pitch in a big barrel.


i cant understand why they outlawed the burning of witches in the

1800s...if the had kept up with this wholesome bit of family

entertainment we wouldnt be a festering rotted maggot squirming corpse

with the hordes of the happy happy wiccachix breathing down our

collective necks...this year at the drill, y'all will be sharing the

dirt with numerous wiccachix and assorted

miscarriages....PLEASE...pleasepleaseplease do a favor for someone who

cant make it south of canada/u.s. border this summer...burn one f'r

the bubber....thnx



yog oth suggoth!!! yog oth seripthoth!!! ungh!! ungh!!! UNGH!!!

He had a gift for stupidity,

and an almost mystic abilty

to resist any form of logic.

-David Gemmel