Subject: Re: Devo Sells Out!

Date: 27 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Jetrock)

Organization: Experimental Media Research Laboratory

Newsgroups: alt.slack,

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On 27 Mar 1999 04:55:23 GMT, Modemac <> wrote:


>(Figured that subject line would attract attention.)

>Saw a Pringles chips commercial today that usurped "Whip It" into the

>jingle for its latest rip-off, "Pringle packs." Of course, the rights to

>"Whip It" are most likely owned by a record company and Devo hardly has

>any say in the matter of whether a company wants to pay a large amount of

>money to use their music in its commercial.

>On the other hand, if "selling out" means "getting a nice big wad of dough

>from a stupid Conspiracy-controlled corporation for doing absolutely

>nothing and cashing in on our song that was a hit almost twenty years

>ago," then I'd say Devo certainly got themselves some Slack from that.


um, Mark Mothersbaugh has been doing the music for commercials for more

than a decade. Remember that computer-animated "Gummi Life Savers"

commercial a few years back featuring dancing Life Savers, back when

computer-animated commercials were still a novelty? Mothersbaugh did that

'un. Sure, Mothersbaugh "sold out"--but he did it at his price, not

theirs. Nuttin' wrong with that, I suppose...



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