O Little Town of Emeryville

Author:Robert Rabbit <present@your.head.present.com>





O little town of emeryville how still we see thee lie

Out in the street yer doggies meet as passing trucks go by

They want to bite a stranger and take away his leg

And in the night the stranger's flight - he hopps off on his peg


For Christ was born a werewolf out in the desert sand

On Mary's breast he lays his head and gropes her with his hand

Now here comes the three wise men with something he can smoke

The wrestlers and the dinosaurs all drink to this good bloke


O little town of Emeryville bless'd by the Evening Star

Beneath a yellow flashing light a truck is stuck in tar

The driver's getting nervous and scared he might get mugged

But he won't call the cops because his trunk is filled with drugs



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