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Date: 04 Nov 1998 00:00:00 GMT

From: -------------------------------- (Reverse Fried Egg)

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I feel a grouchy, bitter, semi-political, cynical spew coming on. Read

no further if you are expecting anything more.





i observed upon rising today, (after, at least for me, a decadently

long time unconcious, and in an inexplicably rotten mood - guess I

prefer to be sleep-deprived) that pathological liar and Porky Pig

look-alike Roy Barnes is our new governor.


Seems he managed to squeak by multimillionaire lardhead Guy Millner

with a crafty combination of appeals to urban coons (a group

perpetually, figurately yowling: "show me da MONEY") and ignorant

rural shitkickers (that vote "demmercratic... 'cause that's what their

daddies done"), as well as by equating anything resembling fiscal

responsibility with fascism.


Oh, and his cokehead buddy - Mark Taylor I think is his name - won the

second-banana seat, too.


Dunno about the other races. I shut off the fucking tube. Ah well. At

Least I don't have to listen to any more of this issue-dodging

helium-speak and mudslinging, or take time out to deface (with spray

paint and permanent markers) anymore of the goddam political posters

stuck without permission on or around the front of my property.


And, anyway, don't get me wrong. I didn't like the soft-suit dickheads

they ran against much better. But in truth, I didn't DESPISE them

QUITE as much.


Framers of the constituition seemed to overlook the fact that people

ALWAYS either are or will eventually become TOO GODDAM DUMB to govern

themselves. Guess those guys weren't as smart as they sounded, for all

their big words and flossy phraseology.


They sure as hell have, though. The people I mean. Gotten FUCKING

DUMB, I mean.


Look what happens to any politico that trys telling them even a TINY

bit of the truth. Dares to indicate that people MIGHT have to give up

something here or there if they want to have a solvent system or a

half a dozen old-growth acres and maybe a couple other halfway

valuable things a generation down the road.


Any dumb son-of-a-bitch that tries it wouldn't be able to beat a big

spending, convicted child molester that went before the League of

Women voters with his cock out.


The whole country has been selling it's environmental and financial

future down the shitter on and off since the days of FDR. The players

engaged in this monstrously expensive, arcane, comical game of

monetary musical chairs are not neccesarily even considering

(certainly not believing) catastrophe can be avoided forever, instead

they seem to merely be hoping they will be dead, shitcanned, or thrown

out of office before the putrid fruits of their labor fall squarely on

the heads of all of the dumbasses duped into supporting them.


The upside is, then, and ONLY THEN, the ignorant electorate will

collectively get some of the shit knocked out of it.


As I've said before. Let's get on with it. All we can do is hope more

complete dumbAsses than not-quite-as-fucking-dumbAsses bite it in the

ensuing societal breakdown, and they could all start over with

headfulls of really fresh memories of the shitty things that come of

being a shitty, piggy, ignorant people.


God damn, I hope this Y2K bug-related chaos is as widespread and

profound as a fanatical fringe of authors and programmers claim it

will be. The whole stinking system needs to be sawed off at the knees,

knocked over with a length of pipe, doused with gas and lit up in a



Same idiotic lack of foresight that led to our being governed by

people that will spend money they intend to collect from people not

even born yet appears to be what's gotten us into this Y2K mess.


Why should some nerd advise a client to spend more money to avert

something that is going to a problem 10, 15 years down the road?

Especially when he knows none of his equally myopic competitors or

suppliers and what not are gonna bother, and hell, by then they'll all

be doing something and/or working someplace different, anyway.


Let somebody ELSE deal with it.


That really should be the campaign slogan for just about EVERYBODY

that runs successfully for a major public office in this country, and

a embroidered on a sampler and hanging in the kitchen of all the folks

that make it possible.


But hell, sooner or later, SOMEBODY has to be SOMEBODY ELSE. Maybe

we'll manage to croak before WE have to take a turn, and we'll be

lucky enough to have our atheistic suspicions verified, thereby being

spared an awareness and understanding of how badly we fucked our

progeny, and we won't have to watch them from some pearly, pukey

gardenia-scented paradise as they dig up our dead bodies and piss on

them in payback for our having PISSED ALL OVER THEM.


One or the other. Best we can hope for.


Ah fuck 'em. Nobody promised them a goddam daisy farm.


I never did, anyway.


Live it UP