Subject: Re: EUGENICS

Date: 02 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: "Dr. Hieronymous Zinn" <>

Organization: CampusMCI

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[the big snip]


A few points about Eugenics..


1) It works, after a fashion. This was "proved" (unscientifically) by

John Humphries Noyse and the Oneida Community, who in three

generation, with just Noyses' guesses as to who would breed well

with whom, produced a large number of world-class leaders from

a basic genetic stock of 200-300 people.

a) We must assume that some of the people were already

related, which reduced the size of the available gene pool.

b) The gene pool was far too small. Had they continued, the

probability for really bad genetic karma was high.


2) Eugenics was very popular as a study, up until the Fascists

went kookaloopie with it, integrating it into their bizarre philosophies.

Up until the 1980's, it was pretty dead as a science (under that name)

with most of the integral research being absorbed in the field of

genetics, as cover.


3) The Chinese government has been playing the "E" game for

a while, but with 1+ billion people, they still have a ridiculously

small gene pool that they are working with. They are seeing

some results, however. They can expect a breakdown in their

program pretty soon.


4) The Human Genome Project, at Los Alamos, NM, has shown

that of the vast number of genetic factors, only a couple of thousand

are essential, a few hundred are defective throwaways, and the

rest are either activated or stay inert based upon the "BIG ?"

a) A gene might be activated if, and only if, when you are 43 years

old, you severly stub your right toe. But only then. This is an example

of the BIG ?

b) With the worlds second largest collection of supercomputers

(after the NSA), and well over a decade into the project, the HGP

has figured out about 7% of the human genome. Nobody said it

would be easy. (To give them due credit, with as "little" as they

have found, they have already discovered cures for a handful of

some of the more gnarly, if rare genetic diseases out there. Bravo.)


5) As far as a ready-made tool for untermensch excess, I would

expect to see personal computers with souls (IBM AND MAC

COMPATIBLE), talking cats and dogs, and the long anticipated

invasion from the planet Mongo, before I would see people

successfully breed a race of super-yuppies.

a) Not that this will stop them from trying. May their kids have

two heads and the I.Q. of a rock snail.

b) The best bet is still: if you want smart kids, marry a smart

woman; but if you want kids who just watch TV, buy them a TV.

(translated: genetics is one thing, environment is another.)


6) Remember, everyone likes to fuck with mother nature. But

two weeks later, don't be surprised if you get a painful, burning