Subject: Re: WANTED: one goat

Date: 01 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (NENSLO)

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Matthew Carey ( wrote:



: Also, I have heard that there is a breed of goat called the pygmy goat.

: If it's true to it's name, I would prefer one of those. Any other

: diminutive breed of goat is also acceptable.


We had pygmy goats in Colorado when I was a, um, child.... and

though it is true that they are roughly the size of a Collie (which, in

itself, raises certain questions) and can be endearing at times they have

some unsavory habits which take getting used to. In the spring the males

disembowel themselves with their own horns and drag their guts around the

yard. The guts get dead leaves and dung and sticks and dirt stuck all

over them and can be as much as twenty feet long. This presents a

startling, if not gruesome, spectacle. It is best to keep females or to

keep the males behind a six foot fence.

The bowels eventually retract, and the little monsters seem to

suffer no harm from what might kill a normal one of your earth animals.