Subject: Magic Dust

Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 21:10:26 -0500

From: "Rev. Random the Other" <>

Organization: Gription Clench

Newsgroups: alt.slack


Nanotechnology. I saw a picture recently that looked like an Andy

Warhol, but instead of Campbells soups, there were hundreds of what

looked like tiny watches with the rear covers removed. Itty Bitty

gears. A quarter of the picture was a large cube that turned out to be

a single salt crystal. A hundred of the tiny gearsets could fit on one

edge of a salt crystal. Pretty cool, I thought. Then I started reading

the article.


Yes, the CONSPIRACY exists even at the nanolevel. It was an Overlord's

wetdream. The Plan is to produce billions of tiny circuits, small as

Dust, each with the ability to "sense" various illegal substances. Upon

detection, the Dust would activate, alerting local/Federal authorities.

Power supplies are already there, the technology is advancing by leaps

and bounds, and with a relatively small investment they think they

could cropdust the whole damn country with sensors. They crowed about

how there is no "First Amendment garbage" to worry about, since no one

is MONITORING anything, just a chemical detection that triggers

notification ONLY if something illegal is cooking. They argued that any

judge would approve a search warrant based on the technology if enough

of these Dust particles reported sensing illegal substances - they can

avoid "misfire" problems by having hundreds per household. They talked

about targeting inner cities.


Not just drug sensors, but whole cameras can be build on this scale,

allowing law enforcement agencies to, for instance, get inside access

in hostage situations. They can be triggered by external alarm signals

to provide instant recordings at break-in sites (banks, businesses).

They talked about theft ID systems where merchandise would have built

in nanosignaling, continually broadcasting; a global broadcast of

"stolen codes" would trigger the nearest Dust to again report to

Federal or local authorities when they sensed the presence of a

reported code being used in the area, or simply to rotate the shielding

on the device to expose "something" that could be detected via overhead

flight or satelite. Plutonium, perhaps?


Invisible, pervasive traps set to spring, record and alert;

instantaneous admissible evidence, Judge, Jury and, hell, why not set

things to poison or explode on detection or demand? Chew their way up

nerve channels until they reached the brain, rotate some shielding and



It's what they DON'T say, what's between the lines, that's coming.

You know the Large Array Dishes used in radio-telescopics, where each

individual dish is small, but the combined action is effecively the

same as one HUGE dish? The heating plants in operation using Large

Array Mirrors to concentrate solar energy, each mirror only a few

feet across, but again the conbination acting like one vast parabolic?

Magic Dust is like that, but in reverse. Each will SUCK just a TINY

bit of Slack, but the COMBINED EFFECT will give them the VICTORY they

desire, or so they think.


And I wondered why "Bob" was spending so much R&D on vacuum and

filtration technology out there in Dobbstown.


Rev. Random the Other

Just a tiny bit of Gription